Sunday, November 07, 2010

SOMEone I KNOW in the hospital recovering from an explosion in their home. having surgery tomorrow getting a raise this week maybe getting a new car
...wants to ride his dirtbike learning to life without a boyfriend
...wants a Ipod touch for Christmas
...went hiking for the weekend on a cruise this very minute getting dressed to go out helping out at church at a funeral

If you

...were to visit our house you would be greeted by our two puppies, Emma Sue and Macy Claire.
...were to wake up after sun rise at our house you would be there alone.
...look at our front door you would find muddy puppy dog toe marks.
...were to visit our house you would find our kitchen faucet is slightly broken.
... were to visit me at work you would see all the buttons and 7 computer monitors that I stare at all day.
...wanted a drink of milk you would have to decide between white 2%, organic vanilla soy, organic chocolate soy or regular chocolate.
...looked in our kitchen you would find a large aloe vera plant on the floor. were to watch TV with G you would watch the history channel, sci-fi or weather channel.

...picked up our mail you would find several college flyers for monster 1. sat in our dining room you would find it very peaceful compared to the rest of the house. looked at our back patio you would see a fountain that we didn't even open this summer.
Thanks for viewing