Monday, November 30, 2009

Four O'clock Foto

Four O'clock FotoI don't know what this is, possible some type of grain something or other.. I found it back in the woods along the dirt bike track last Sunday and thought it would be a good photo.

Help- Any ideas

I changed my comment section to the top of my posts. I have since decided that it doesn't belong there and want to move it back down to the bottom. I have tried and tried to change it and also put the wording back to "comment" and it will not move or change.. Any ideas? I have taken it off, logged off and logged back in and it still doesn't work.. HELP

I said No...

Wednesday night the kids were off for the holiday so D, Cousin D and Mr. E hung out at our house. We watched Wild Hogs..or atleast I tried. They were showing each other some wrestling moves in the living room. I keep saying No, nO no NO... Mr. E and his non matching socks. I have never seen this kid with the same colored socks. That's just how he rolls. Emma loves the boys but she is not having any of this going on around her. Notice in the above pic Mr. E has Fruit by the Foot paper hanging out of his pants...yeah..he put it there. They finally calmed down and snuggled on the couch for about 2.5 seconds.
D and Mr. E made their way to the basement to play pool and Cousin D made up to his little spoiled princess and watched another movie. We had a good time, ate Buffalo soup, watched movies and just spent some quality time together.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Four O'clock Foto- Dandelion

Four O'clock Foto
I found this dandelion the last week and had to take a picture.. It was almost perfect except one little seed pod sticking out of the side making a break for freedom. And that it it's self made it even more perfect.
Do you have a story to tell about a picture? Make your post and leave me comment for others to come view.

Monochrome Monday

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Four O'clock Foto

Four O'clock FotoJust a picture of the field / track while the boys were getting a drink.
I love this one lonely little piece of weed sticking up all by himself.
I just had to get a pic..
I can entertain myself when need be.. lol
Do you have a lonely little picture that has a story.. well tell it here at Four O'clock Foto..

Yearly Tradition

Every year we go the horse parade. Every year is different. Sometimes it's so warm it doesn't even fell like Christmas. Other times is so so cold you can't even stand it. Last year we had really bad weather but it wasn't terribly cold.. Although,  since we took 7-8 {whining} kids with us it may have been and I'm just blocking the whole night out in my mind. BUT- What I do remember is it was
so pretty with the falling snow..
 not good for the camera but it was awesome in person. It's was so dark I had to try my flash to get anything little thing to show up but the snowflakes were falling like bombs.
Here are a few pictures and for more jump over to my retired blog As the World Flops and read all about it. This years parade is coming up in a few weeks and the kids are already to go.. it's a yearly tradition.

The hang out...not the hangover

Jump over to D's blog.. My Dirt Bike Racer and check out pics of the boys in their hangout.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Four O'clock Foto- 5 fingers

Four O'clock Foto- 5 fingers
This is D's hand resting on his dirtbike gear. It looked okay in color but I thought it had more detail in black and white. I find that when I go out and start taking pictures I come home with 300 or so.
Sometimes they are of just
one random picture that goes with nothing else
about the day.
So I have started Four O'clock Foto..
A place just to add those one of kind, random photo and tell the story.
Write your story and leave me a message in the comment section.

Pie Time

Yesterday we made Pumpkin and Pecan Pies for this weekend. My little chef helped and I took pictures.

The stack of egg shells. I had bought eggs and after the pies I realized we needed more for this weekend. This is when I wish we had a chicken in the backyard. Either we have too many and they go bad or we don't have enough.

The last two pies are in the oven as I type and then it's time for a nap..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Color Carnival

Four O'clock Foto- Chin

Four O'clock Foto- Chin
Happy Thanksgiving
I took this of D last Sunday. Look at his little whiskers..
I told him all weekend to shave but I guess he is trying ?something NeW?

Do you have a single loner
picture that has a story.. ?
Blog about it and leave me a comment for other to come view.
Enjoy and thanks for visiting, Cathy


Lissa had asked her kids how to cook a turkey so while I took a break between making finger foods and pies I asked my kids and here are their answers.

The little one started out with -you get four strikes in a row.

Me: What?

Her: You know in bowling?

Me: What?

Her: it might be a trick question

Me- after explaining that no in fact I really wanted to know how she would cook a turkey I got this answer.

Her: You go hunting, you see it {turkey} and punch it in the nose.
Then you run to the car and get a gun.
Shoot it and tie a rope around it's neck.
Then you put it in the truck, take it home
and peel the fury skin off of it.
Clean it.
Cook it in the oven at 450 degrees for 2 hours.
Add a little seasoning and salt and pepper the serve.
-She is the chef of the family-
Oldest's answer- Buy a precooked one from Kroger, put it in the oven and ask grandma what to do next... She is our doctor of the family
D's answer- IDK... no clue, ? put it in the oven? (if it isn't canned ravioli then he doesn't know)
D's friend Mr. E- No idea maybe cook it on 450 degrees
Jump over to Lissa and check out her kids cooking skills. I guess we need to get busy or guess what we are eating when we are 80 years old visiting the kids for dinner.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Four O'clock Foto- Hunchback

Four O'clock Foto
Sunday while waiting to ride D threw on his hoodie over his Leatt Brace and chest protector.
He said..
"Hey mom, do I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame"
I took the pic so fast and
then I took a few more but it didn't look as good as this one did for the story... So if you have a not so good or just a single picture with a story make a post, write about it and leave me a comment so others can come view your Four O'clock Foto...

Memory Lane- The boys

The boys--

at Lake Cumberland in

2005Cousin D and D.. {look how little they were}

Cousin D, Mr C and D on the tube.

I would prefer this vacation over a cruise any day. We boated,



and the kids and

{some} adults jumped off

the cliffs

into the water.

Now they look like this... mean big ole' boys.. {just kiddin} They are still babies to me and always will be even though they tower over me, drive their own vehicles and talk about {adult}boy things...
Visit others and their memories here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Down at the farm

D and friends rode dirtbike on a semi chilly November day and had a great time. Check out more photos and the whole story over at my other blog.. My Dirt Bike Racer

Four O'clock Foto- Me

Four O'clock Foto-
a place to add those single odd ball pics of anything you would like the world to see.
This is me... Sunday I was out taking pictures of the boys riding on Mr. E's track.
It was semi chilly.. actually a really nice day to ride..
I put my hood up then took a picture of myself to see how stupid I looked..
I really didn't care my ears were cold.

Enjoy my Four O'clock Foto and /or add your own.. Leave me a message so other can stop by and check it out.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Doggy

When D was about 2 years old his dad and I took him to a race track to see the horses. He stood behind our legs screaming "big doggeee!!!...big big doggeeeeee!!!"
So of course on Sunday when we were over at D's friends house
which is also a large horse farm
I had to tell the story again to his now semi adult friends. ..
I know.. I am such a good mommy.
So while we waited for horse riding lessons to end Mr. C and I walked over to this very large horse in a corral by himself. Mr. C gave him some straw or hay or whatever they eat and I took a few pics until.....he smelled Mr. C's hand
and let him touch his nose...
then sneezed, snorted, growled or something at Mr. C and turned his head and took off.
Yeah, nice... doggy.. we moved on to other things around the farm.

My World- Dirty

My world consists of dirt and
more dirt.. {can you say "Dirty Mouth"}

and I love every minute of it..
Okay I have to admit, in the first pic...yeah he was a LiTTle close.

Now that you've seen my world check out other worlds here.

Four O'Clock Foto- Moto

Four O'Clock Foto

Do you ever take a {just one} picture of something?
A picture that that is not related to anything else your blogging about?
Well I have tons of pics like that.
So I have decided instead of a picture a day like in those 365 memes I would just post a pic here and there at four O'clock of my random shots that may be something I would like to talk about.. This picture does not have to be perfect.. sometimes I get a pic that is blurry but it still means something to me and has a story behind it.
Sometimes I take random pictures of D's friends dog while out riding dirt bikes.
This is MOTO- he loved my camera..
he followed me around and when I told him to
strike a pose
he stuck his nose in the air and said
"Like this?"
In the top picture we were at the oldest monsters dance preview for parents. A group of cheerleaders sat down in front of us and I thought it would be a great pic of a sea of bows.. It didn't turn out so well and this is what I ended up with. I still wanted to post it but it didn't meet the standards of an awesome pic.. but who cares.
So if you just want to view my photo flops and one hit wonders please do..
if you would like to join me just post a pic,
write about it and leave me a comment for other to come view..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Odd Shot Monday

My Odd Shot for this week.. click hERe for more
I bet I'm the only one with one of these....


manure spreader...

I know, I know-

exactly what you wanted to see,

You are so welcome.. LOL

Graduation Slide Show

Ya see when I get the camera out
and ask D
for a good picture
I get this- Example A
this tHisand this and more of this...
What he doesn't think about is one day in 2013
I am going to sort through thousands and thousands of pictures of him for a
very special
Graduation slide show
and YES these will be in there...
and when he says
how could you put those in there I will say...

I asked you for a good pic and this is what I got....!!!!

Monochrome Monday

Welcome to my Monochrome Monday
I have been looking through
of old photos from the years past.

This photo was taken on our trip to
Gatlinburg in 2006
while driving out to
Cade's Cove.

The kids love to have a
and play in the streams to
catch critters.

For more great Black and White photos check out the The Monochrome Monday