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Daily, while trying to get to sleep, feeding the turtle, wiping dingleberries off Emma's butt I think of these off the wall random questions. So I think I will make a running list and post it once a week or so.. Please shoot me some answers and let me know that I'm not crazy. Thank Ya-

Okay- here we goooo....

1. Do you use Analytics on your site? If so do you ever check it?

2. Do you ever brush your teeth with peroxide and baking soda? I do all the time. I have a tub of baking soda on the sink..

3. Tonight I thought I would try a new yogurt flavor. Well new for me.. Cherry Cobbler.. {Yoplait} Yeah well it takes like blueberry. Ok, but I was expecting some cobbler ..I guess it is yogurt. What is your favorite flavor?


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Late or early?

It's so 4:29 in the morning. I am listening to 80's music, really tired, just ate dinner and I needed to go back to bed yesterday at 2pm. I took my shoes off and now my feet are twitchy.. My right eye is scratchy and I am tired. So is 4:29 AM Early or late?


My ole' Baxter Bean. I caught him lounging on the front porch last night and thought he was up for a photo shoot. So here we go. He's such a big ole' kitty cat. He is a love bug when he wants to be and keeper of the Miss Emma Sue.
Oh how life would be as a cat to lie around and listen to the birds chirp all day.
His paws were so little and pink when he was born.. He is my baby.
That's it for today's life as a cat.. tomorrow will be exactly the same. Oh how I wish...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The other day I bought these plate-bowl covers. They are like a little shower caps for your left overs. Well one small pink one made it to shower time with Emma. She is not feeling the shower cap thang. When she gets nervous she yawns and licks her chops.. I guess getting in the mode to bite someone for doing this to her and then getting that dang camera out.
She is such a baby girl. Pink in a Juicy Couture life jacket yes, pink shower cap not so much.

1896 diary

Andrew Jackson "Andy" Arnett (1868-1914) kept a diary all his adult life.

A few years ago I dove into my family tree and learned a lot about my family and found info on a little over 4,000 family members. This is a diary of Any Arnett in 1896. Enjoy reading. I read through these a year or so ago. Some things I noticed - watch the birth and death of children. They did not live very long.. A lot of them. Also notice the temp in the morning. Now in January it's not that weird but in July when it's 55 degrees. All can figure is it may be something like 4 am and the sun hasn't come up. Forenoon is before noon.

A family member typed this exactly how it was hand written.

He always lived in Monroe Twp. near Potsdam or in Potsdam, Darke Co., Ohio.

Every day’s entry started out with the weather conditions.

This is the complete year of 1896.

January 1896
Wed. Jan. 1….Mercury 10 above this morning Clear about all day, the snow is about 5 inches deep. I changed the locks on the summer kitchen door and the north door of the house & loafed the rest of the day. Paps brought Lydia home.

Thur. Jan. 2….Mercury 8 above this morning Cloudy & windy all day, its raining this evening. Me & Pete sawed wood till 2:30 oclock for me. I bought the babys both little picture books.

Fri. Jan. 3….Mercury 4 above this morning Cloudy & clear today, Mercury at noon 9 above zero. This evening at 8 its at zero, it snowed a while today. I gave J. E. Britton a note for $ 46.00. Born to Mr. & Mrs. Ollie Carroll a boy, it weighed 3 ½ lbs. J. E. Britton got a peck of apples today.

Sat. Jan. 4….Mercury 8 below zero this morning Clear & cold all day Mercury did not get higher than 5 above zero today. Its spitting a little snow this evening.

Sun. Jan. 5….Mercury 2 below zero this morning Clear about all day Cloudy this evening and its snowing. I went up to Paps this afternoon and got our butter. We was at Allie Carrolls this evening. Mr. Will Lutz & Mrs. Flory Snyder was married today.

Mon. Jan. 6….Mercury 14 above zero this morning Cloudy & clear today. John Wetzel commenced cutting ice today. H. E. Wissinger commenced cutting ice today.

I went down to Hank Ortmans with Dan Young in a sleigh this morning. This afternoon I came home and went up to Petes & Paps and home again. Warmer today.

Tues. Jan. 7….Mercury 32 above zero this morning Cloudy today, its warm today. I helped H. E. Wissinger to put up ice today. John Wetzel is cutting ice. J. E. Britton got a bushel of apples of me.

Wed. Jan. 8….Mercury 25 above this morning Cloudy & cold today I worked for H. E. Wissinger in the ice this forenoon. This afternoon I helped Perry Black to haul some logs up in his barnyard. Wetzel is still cutting ice.

Thur. Jan. 9….Mercury 23 above this zero this morning Cloudy & warm all day I went up to Paps this morning and ground my ax, then this afternoon I cut 2 trees down and trimed them up. I brought a crock of apple butter home. John Wetzel finished cutting ice today.

Fri. Jan. 10….Mercury 32 above zero this morning Cloudy & warm all day I worked in the ice for H. E. Wissinger today. He finished laying up ice today. Mr. Andy Millers baby died this afternoon, croop. Pap took 1 ½ bushels of wheat to the mill for me.

Sat. Jan. 11….Mercury 30 above zero this morning Cloudy this forenoon, clear this afternoon. Me & Dave Hissong finished covering H. E. Wissingers ice this forenoon. This afternoon I went up to Paps a while then came home & loafed. Est Spitler baby died this evening, dropsy.

Sun. Jan. 12….Mercury 30 above zero this morning Clear all day with a cold west wind. I went up to Paps & Petes this afternoon. Me & Pete went down and looked at Lewis Arnett old house & shed.

Mon. Jan. 13….Mercury 20 above zero this morning Clear & c9ld all day I hauled a load of wood with Petes team for my self. Est Spitlers baby was buried here this forenoon. Pete took my wife & baby up to his house this evening. I brought about 4 bu. of apples home & a bu. of corn.

Tues. Jan. 14….Mercury 12 above zero this morning Clear all day today Me & Pete went to Bills in Dayton this morning, arrived there 11 oclock, found them all well. We went up town after dinner and bought a cross cut saw, paid $ 2.50, a Shaffer. Born to Mr. & Mrs. Sam Huston a boy baby.

Wed. Jan. 15….Mercury 12 above zero this morning Cloudy & clear today Me & Petestarted home from Bills at noon. Pete brought Lydia home this evening. H. E. Wissinger filed my saw.

Thur. Jan. 16….Mercury 12 above zero this morning Cloudy & & warm today, it rained, snowed & sleeted a little this evening. Me & Coro Welbaum commenced cutting wood for Ammons this morning. We cut all day.

Fri. Jan. 17….Mercury 32 above zero this morning Cloudy all day We cut wood all day,Me & C. Welbaum. Miss Net Hatfield gave a lecture on Africans way of living in the U. B. Church. Lydia & the babys was there.

Sat. Jan. 18….Mercury 34 above zero this morning Cloudy all day & rained all afternoon and is still at 8 p.m. We cut wood this forenoon, Me & C. W. Cora got him a new ax.

Sun. Jan. 19….Mercury 23 above zero this morning Cloudy about all day I went up to Paps this forenoon and got our butter. I shaved my side whiskers off. I wrote a letter to John. We was over to A. P. Carrols this evening.

Mon. Jan. 20….Mercury 27 above zero this morning Cloudy all day, it rained, snowed and sleeted a little this evening. Me & Cora Welbaum & Allie Carrol cut wood for myself today in Paps woods. I stayed in H. E. Wissingers restaurant this evening for him.

Tues. Jan. 21….Mercury 29 above zero this morning Clear & damp all day Me & Pete made logs for a house for Pap for Pete to move in. I stayed in the restaurent for H. E. Wissinger this evening.

Wed. Jan. 22….Mercury 28 above zero this morning. Cloudy all day, it rained this forenoon commencing about 9 o’clock. Its been raining all evening. Me & Cora cut wood till it rained this afternoon. I went up to Paps and got 2 bu. apples for A. B. Carroll, 4 for J. E. Britton, 2 for L. N. Saul. Bare filed my saw today.

Thur. Jan. 23….Mercury 40 above zero this morning Cloudy all day, it raied about all day & lasted night. I loafed all day. Mrs. Dill Pipinger was here this afternoon.

Fri. Jan. 24….Mercury 38 above zero this morning Cloudy & it rained all day & last night. It snowed a little this afternoon, its cooler this evening. I went up to Paps this forenoon and was there for dinner, then I went up to Petes, then home and loafed. Ben Stoufers baby died today. Will Pansing wife died today.

Sat. Jan. 25….Mercury 31 above zero this morning Cloudy all day, it rained off & on all day. Me & Cora Welbaum sawed wood for Cora all day.

Sun. Jan. 26….Mercury 30 above zero this morning Cloudy & cold all day, it snowed a little several times today. Pete was at our house this afternoon. Dora started to Sunday School today.

Mon. Jan. 27….Mercury 25 above zero this morning Cloudy all day Me & Cora cut wood all day. Harve Wrights wife & three children was at our house for dinner.

Tues. Jan. 28….Mercury 27 above zero this morning Cloudy this morning Cleared off about noon and was clear all afternoon. We cut wood all day. I stayed in the restaurant this evening for H. E. Wissinger, took in 68 cts.

Wed. Jan. 29….Mercury 28 above zero this morning Clear & warm all day We sawed wood all day. I stayed in the restaurent this evening, I took in 67 cts.

Thur. Jan. 30….Mercury 28 above zero this morning Clear & warm all day Me & Cora Welbaum & Enoch Stoufer roofed the east side of John Blackburn house, the old part, Dan Young took us over. Bill came up today to commence on Paps house. Pete hauled me a load of wood. I stayed in the restaurant.

Fri. Jan 31….Mercury 37 above zero this morning Cloudy all day, it commenced raining about 6 a. m. and rained about all day. I went up to Paps with C. Sharp this morning and I stayed for dinner. I ground my ax this afternoon and ricked some wood

If you are interested in ready more please let me know. I have about 2 whole years worth.

Have you ever done your geneaology? It is fun, takes time but it's a lot of fun to find all the lines.


Read more here.

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Snack time over at No Chef Required

Too sterile

Well I have been surfing blogs looking for a clean background. A few days ago I tried the sterilized antiseptic look of a famous blogger with a very very high income. She has plain white backgrounds, black font and no character at all. Which in reading the experts say that is the best blog format.. blah blah.... I mean if everything was black and white wouldn't life be boring?

I know
I know
She makes millions and it works for her. Actually I have read her blog in the past and it just wasn't my style. But since she had her baby things have tamed down to a almost sweet stage and I like it. I have been reading the last few days and would love to follow in her footsteps and make the millions but who am I kidding. I can't even get 10 people a day to read.. So on that note I have placed a very warm and fuzzy Welcome background on my blog.. so enjoy and watch for changes.. If I could change my livingroom this easy I would never run out of things to blog about..
What is your favorite color of background?
Dark with light font?
Light with dark font?
Country theme?
Wild and crazy girls gone wild kind?
Who in my 1st blog roll {gals I like to visit} has the best background and why? Jump over and visit my friends and then leave me a comment.

Shrimp Scampi

For my recipe for Shrimp Scampi head on over to my cooking blog- No Chef Required

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My little peapod at My Dirt Bike Racer

I wouldn't know them either

For the past 8 years (actually it was 11 years, he did a few years of preschool and 1 extra year of kindergarten to get him backed up since he was so young) we would be out and D would see someone he regonized from school. I would then say "Who is it, what's his/her name?" He couldn't tell me. He just knows that they go to our school. I think that is the weirdest thing cause when I went to school we had (4 ) 4th grade classes. When HE was in 4th they had (16) 4th grade classes. Tonight I was looking at their high school page.. yes he is made it to high school.. does that make me old? Anywho, here are the numbers of students in their school.

Sr. 307 Career Center 103 = 410
Jr. 340 98= 438
So. 408 0 = 408
Fr. 411 0 = 411

Grand Total= 1667

With this many kids I guess I wouldn't know all of them either.. That's just weird to me but it's like their own small town.. I guess in some ways it is.. I think I'm glad I grew up in a small school.. guess I will never know.. I just looked up MY old high school and they have 337 students total in the whole high school.. What a different world.
So tell me what kind of school did you grow up in?

Simple Strawberry Shortcake

Little monster's strawberry shortcake. For more visit my cooking blog NO Chef Required

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So Ohio

To read more about So Ohio click here

The UN Uncrustable

Visit No Chef Required for this The UN Uncrustable

Back to school refresher

Okay so it's been over 20 years since I even thought about one of these things. I am always up for a new learning experience or I guess refresher.. get your refresher on over at my misc everyone needs to know stuff page- Researchers Say.. ya never know when the kids will need help with their project and you will look like a pro.

Grandma's Garden Part 2

For more of my my mom's garden visit Grandma's Garden Part 2 at Dwelling Notes/ my home and garden blog.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

That time of year

Tonight G started his season of bowling...yuck.. I am not a bowler, don't pretend to be and never will be. I dislike bowling like a bad case of I don't know what. Years ago I was asked to bowl on a women's league.. Oh what they didn't know or for that fact... what I didn't know.

1. They didn't know that I had only bowled probably 3 times in my whole life.

2. They didn't know that I have no concept of what I was doing.

3. I didn't know that it went on for 32 weeks..yikes. I could have been pregnant and delivered before this dang season was over.

4. I didn't know that it was super BORING!!!!

5. I couldn't stand the waiting my turn only to grab a gutter ball. Yeah, I was that good.

I will tell you how good I was.. now hold on to your seats-- cause you will fall off laughing.. My highest score was a 128 and that was only 1 night.. I know, I know.. sign me up right? I don't know what I was thinking.
I never bought a ball or shoes, Thank God- cause that would have been a big mistake.. I would wonder the ball rack to look for my favorite ball with the name DeWayne on it.. yes DeWayne was my friend. He helped me keep my low score every week.
But G loves bowling and has bowled since he was 10.. Good luck to him and hope he has a good time.. I will have a good time surfing the web, posting to all my fine peeps out there and take a quiet bath and shave my legs. Sounds like fun to me..
Do you bowl? Have you ever bowled on a league? Do you have a sucky low score like me or are you a pro?


Gets your kids to eat asparagus with this recipe. Check it out over on my cooking blog- No Chef Required

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Do you know what OPI nail polish stands for? Jump on over to Researchers Say to find out. Can you name this color? (My favorite)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

D's Dirt Bike Birthday Party

Yesterday D had his birthday party at the track with around 30 of his riding buddies. For more pictures drop over to his new page My Dirt Bike Racer.

Annie Oakley

Head on over to Researchers Say to learn more about Annie Oakley

Grandma's Garden

Sunday we drove and visited my parents. I walked around a took a few pictures of her pretty flowerbeds. For more pics visit Dwelling Notes- a blog about home and garden.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The original Maid Rite

Yesterday we picked up my parents and headed North about 30 minutes to Greenville Ohio- Home of the Maid Rite and the wall of gum.. For more pictures and the recipe head on over to my cooking blog- No Chef Required