Thursday, December 31, 2009

Four O'clock Foto- snowman

Four O'clock FotoThis little guy sat on our kitchen table during the holidays.. I got a few pics of him.. he is much cuter in photos. read on down for my first part of the decade..

Goodbye single digits..hello 2010

Looking back I had to share some never before seen photos of my life. Before I got my digital camera I took hundreds of photos but they are not saved on the computer and probably never will be.. maybe when I retire in 12 years I will do that.. I should but just don't have time. Anywho.. here is a breif recap of my life from 2000 til the end of 2003.


I remember being semi Y2K ready..

I had 2 liter bottles of water saved in the garage. along with powdered milk and canned goods, batteries, candles and God know what else.

I was at my SIL's when the ball dropped. Everyone yelled..

Happy New Year" and then
they all turned to me to see
if I was still breathing..

and ya know what?

They could actually still see me cause...ya know what..

the lights stayed on...

It's a miracle I say,, A miracle!!!!

All that hype almost gave me a heart attack..

They still kid me about saving water and I'm sure today, tonight or tomorrow one family member will call and ask if I have my water saved...they love me..they truly do..

2001 was uneventful til that terrible day in NYC. 911 was on a Tuesday, by Thursday night we had a plan to pack and take off NYC.. On Oct 1st we did just that along with 6 friends and tons of supplies.. Read about it here.

Here goes the twist.... yes I have to admit it is a twist but Whatever..with a capital WWWW... you wouldn't understand unless ya lived it so no Judging...

(before 2002)A girl that I worked with started dating a fellow married coworker.

I had worked with him for 11 years.

They never got along, she had both of us go with her to a benefit and then named all the guys she had slept with right in front of us..

"this is so and so...I had sex with him"

I actually started marking spots in my cigarette pack

there were so many.

We (him, her and myselft) were 3 of the 6 that went to NYC after 9-11.

I remember walking down the street of Times Squre in front of Elton John looking out the windows of Mtv and she told him to grab my hand as we crossed the street..

I thought that was the oddest thing cause he didn't not belong to me..

I was very uncomfortable.

In the winter of 2002 some issues came up with her children.Him, myself and another from work was trying to work on the problem
(whole nother story)

Well they broke up, he got divorced and well yess, him and I started dating.

There I said it..
I knew it was stupid then and even more stupid now. So we dated for the next few years and you can read that in the next few posts... Anyways. moving on... I have no pictures of 2002 on so I will move on to 2003...

March of 2003 Baxter the bean was born to his mother Lili Mae Hurricane.. We found her during Hurricane Lili so hence the name. It's he a little sweetie...?

July 2003 We (him, myself, D, and his 3 boys went to Disney World for two weeks for baseball tournaments and a long needed vaca...

D and I lived here.. our little duplex that I didn't really love but it worked.. I was actually afraid of the woods behind the place. I started selling Mary Kay in August of 2003 and here are pictures of my spread during a winter open house. The other view of the kitchen with my mom's boobs on the left hand side.. My neice after applying every sample of makeup in the place. She was going for the floozzzy look. Here I am at my SIL's house on New Years Eve.. they were probably telling the Y2K story again.. My little D on Christmas morning 2003.. look how short his hair is.. and the watch.. he wore that watch for years.. he lived night and day with his watch.. also see Baxter's butt on the right side.

For 2004 and on visit me tomorrow for more.

7 hundred what?

The little one came home from school a few days before Christmas break
and said that her little boyfriend
{that she won't talk to but they are "dating"}
got her a Christmas present. ...
okay.. so we ran out and got him a $9.00 box of football cards..
great gift for a 11-12 year old boy, right,
So she takes his to school but comes home and says that he couldn't bring her present to school cause it cost too much.. What.. ?
Then she hears through the grapevine of friends that it cost
$750.00 worth..
So tonight I ask her if she ever got her present and she said yes..
as she was going to get it I told
G that if it's a 700 hundred dollar necklace then in
about 8-9 years
I'm gonna become a cougar..
I then told him I would still keep him around...he just laughed.
She showed it to us and I thought it was going to be a cheapy ole' bubble gum thingy..
Oh hell no.. it's nice.. looks like
white and chocolate diamond dust ...
I then nudged him and said
Defiantly cougar material.....!!!
Just kiddin folks..I'm not gonna take the preteen's boy toy from her
but she needs to hang on to him.. or atleast start talking to him..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is what our livingroom looks like early Christmas morning.. and it only gets worse. I do go a little over on the stocking stuffers... I usually have thing lying on the floor next to them... G just rolls his eyes and then says.."you think you got enough"... OMG they are only kids once...
I jazzed up this photo with Picnik..

Four O'clock Foto

Four O'clock FotoThe Baxter Bean lounging...again.. that's all he does..all the time..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Four O'clock Foto-Cranberries

Four O'clock Foto

I had cranberries in the frig so I threw some in a bowl

and covered them with raw sugar.

I think D was going to kill me..

he took one bite then started to

spit and spatter..

I think he ALMOST threw up in the bathroom.

He then took a big drink of water and spit that out and headed downstairs

where I heard him say..

"Hey guys try these, they are REALLY goooood.!!!!"

That little shitbird.. the he laughed the whole way upstairs.

All the kids tried them and didn't care for them but atleast they tried.

The rest of the bowl is sitting on the table waiting to go to the birds..

Monday, December 28, 2009

Itsy Bitsy

!!!! MY BUTT!!!!
Saturday night G came to bed and I asked him if he has seen Emma.
He said NO...
so I got up to check on her.
I had on my comfy organic pants and as I walked down the hall to the kids room
I grabbed my leg and said,
"omg, something bit me"
The next fine morning I woke up and was trying to find the coffee for the girls when all of a sudden and
I got sick to my stomach and felt like I was going to pass out..
I took a deep breath and went upstairs and slid onto the floor and woke G up.
I tried to get sick once and then I was okay..
I got back into bed and slept for 3 more hours.
Once I got up again I didn't feel RIGHT.
I then asked my mom, dad and G to look at my leg..
G decided I needed to go to urgent care.
My mom drove down with me where they told me to take Benadryl
and if it didn't get worse like puss coming out of them then I would be okay..
I had two bites on my thigh (top pic) and about 4 on my knee (bottom pic).
They don't itch real bad but I was concerned with th fainting thingy...
I guess that little thing liked my comfy pants... I hope he's dead somewhere cause
I don't like passing out.
Someone ate good that night..

4 O'clock Foto- China

Four O'clock FotoChina in our dining room

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Four O'clock Foto

Four O'clock Foto

After we made a mess with the styrofoam from 50 thousand Christmas Village houses and fake snow I gave Baxter his tub of Catnip or Kitty nip as we call it. He was flying high as a kite.
Here is making out with the empty tub...
I walked through the livingroom and said
Get a ROOM!!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

The whole family at

The Cathy Chronicles

would like to wish everyone a very

Merry Christmas

For the past few years I have received different parts of the Willow Tree Nativity Scene. I just love these figurines. This year I displayed them on a wardrobe in the kitchen where they were kid safe..or at least I hope they are.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wine Glass Charms

Wine Glass Charms
Or should be called "stemware" charms cause we don't really drink wine..especially the They drink water, rootbeer or my Coke...
I got tired of the plastic cups and Sharpie marker so last week when I visited my parents we made (or my mom made most) wine glass charms.
Saturday night when we had a bunch of kids over to make buckeyes I handed out the "rootbeer" glasses and had them pick a charm. At first they thought I was crazy but then went with it and had fun. As I was showing the girls my charms they wanted to make a bracelet so we scattered beads everywhere and made a few.

Over the years and different crafts and crap I have been into I have collected a selection of beads for future needs.. I have more craft junk..actually a whole room but that's another story.

Four O'clock Foto

Four O'clock FotoEmma was so thrilled to get her piggy in..NOT.. then have a camera in her face with a really bright flash.. she was not a happy girl

Monday, December 21, 2009

Four O'clock Foto

Four O'clock Foto
Calling Santa

Baxter + Laser Pointer = Baxter the red nosed kitty cat

after this picture he took off flying around the house in preparation for the Christmas Eve flight.

Buckeyes O-H I-O

Saturday night the kids had a few friends over for dinner and a Buckeye Party. Couple of the little ones chose to go skating so the other 6 were left to roll peanut butter balls.

As D was in the living room signing Mr. E yelled "get in here, it's a family affair" They all have fun hanging at our house.. They play pool and Xbox in the basement.. They slide down the steps in a slick sleeping bag and they wrestle and watch movies upstairs.. Even though it's a lot of work and they eat us out of house and home I know where they are... They are not out driving around, drinking or getting into trouble. So for the price of chocolate chips, powered sugar and a jar of peanut butter we hosted a fun party and they all learned something. I don't think a couple had ever made Buckeyes and one had never tried Cheese ball so we had a good time. I even had them drink out of wine glasses during dinner and thought that was fun. Cousin D said "you want me to drink root beer out of a wine glass?" I said "sure, why not!!" We made about 10 dozen Buckeyes and chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles.
Is your house the teenage hangout?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Monochrome Monday

Monochrome MondayMy son in his first motocross race 2008 Visit Monochrome Monday

Four O'clock Foto- Emma

Four O'clock Foto

While we were putting together our

St. Nicholas Square Christmas Village

Emma found herself a spot in the middle of the fluffy snow.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Smellin' Good

Man o' man...
I'm telling ya..
this candle from Bath and Body Works- Slatkin and Co is AWESOME..
I have it on a burner in the downstairs outhouse next to my dish of lye soap and O' Yummo... I love it.
If ya need a quick last minute gift grab a few of these...
Bath and Body Works had them on SALE for 2/$20.00 ..
I wish I would have bought more... O' Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin... My new favorite.
The oldest keeps shutting the outhouse door so the smell stays in.. I keep opening it so the smell comes out. I have never had a burner before and I really like it.. I don't have to worry about the flame of a candle.. I plan on buying more for the other outhouses in the house.

Shadow Shot Sunday

Visit Shadow Shot Sunday for more great shadow photos.

Probably 17 years ago I painted these carolers by hand.

I have painted ceramics since I was wee little in Blue Birds.

Color Carnival

Friday, December 18, 2009

Four O'clock Foto

Four O'clock Foto

Running Christmas lights

Bloody Mary and Christmas lights

Earlier this week I went to my parents house for a few days.
Tuesday night my dad and I had a few drinks at the local restaurant/bar
and then had mom drive my land yacht around town to look at lights.
Between the stopping and going I did get a few pics.These two neighbors were having a light war..
I don't think anyone else on the street had a single light out.. This Santa was catching fish in the light pond.This is a covered bridge at the town park. Most of my pics look like this. My mom the lead foot.

We had fun.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Four O'clock Foto

Four O'clock FotoJoin me! Post a photo at 4pm every day or every other day and leave me a comment.

Photos by my dad

Monday night I headed for my parents house for a few days. As I was driving out to see mom's display of flowers I handed my dad {below} the camera and told him.. "take some pictures, you have about 1000 or so available" Very soon he got comfortable with my camera and starting shooting away. Here is our jouney...over the river and through the woods.

We stopped at the footprint rock but since it was like 26 degrees we decided that the adventure into the woods would have to wait til spring.
Farm far as the eye could see.

That was our trip, hope you enjoyed my dad's new photography skills.