Sunday, October 31, 2010


One bright
and sunny
I take some photos of a friend's son playing Fall Ball.

Baseball is so quiet
compared to

I love the energy of the coach.

I had fun but still love the speed of my boys and their bikes.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

m y d A y

Today Brittany over at 4 little men and girly twins listed her daily events so I thought I do mine and see what I come up with. Even though we live in different states, different worlds we ALL do the same thing every day just a little not quite the same.
So here is my day... I am going to update this post as the day goes on.. pretty boring so far.
G and Monster1 left for Ohio State

Before I was out of bed. I saw the alarm panel flashing that the front door was open.. who could that be?

Monster2 and his two friends left to go ride (dirtbikes) So early? No breakfast?

Let the dogs out.

Look around the house for the disaster

Skim blogs and tell Baxter that he is a handsome little kitty

Text Monster2 to be careful and to wear his Leatt Brace

Turn Yahoo radio to Coffeehouse

Get Caffeine in my system

Get text back stating "I will"

Pick up left over smoothie glasses from last night

Start dishwasher and hand was a few glasses

Update this entry.. what's next?

Did a few more dishes by hand.

Looked up squash recipes.

Decided dinner meal/ pork chops and baked acorn and butternut squash.

So while looking for recipes Monster1 tells me that 10 girls are coming for dinner tomorrow night and to spend the night for Senior day.. Atleast she picked something easy.. Lasagna/ Salad and Bread.. I can handle that.

Okay off to do my list.. clean..clean.. clean frig.. make bread.. go to grocery..sweep..laundry.. gotto go.

Cleaned frig. shower.. flip laundry

Accidently used Clorox on Monster1's $60.00 shirt.. Why is she buying 60.00 shirts?

Lunch/ Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup and a glass of milk

Took the trash out

Made wheat bread

Clean frig

Cleaned downstairs bath

Swept and mopped entry

Went to grocery, saw 2 family members

Made dinner, salad, fruit salad, set table



Cleaned basement, swept pool table, moved weight bench

Changed cat pan

Gave Emma her heartworm pill

Picked up craft room

Let dogs in / out a thousand times

Watched a bit of Rain Man

Played a minute on Frontierville

Oh I think that's it.. I'm ready for bed

So tell me what's your day like.

Night all.

Just Because

I haven't posted in a while and I decided today I would "just because."

Here are a few things about me that you might not know..

1. I love love love new socks.

2.I love clean sheets.

3. My first concert was .38 Special and Honeymoon Suite, my last AC/DC at age 40.. Oh, I'm such a party animal.

4. My favorite Jelly Bean is "Juicy Pear"

5. My favorite color is Black

6. I feel like a real person when I'm not working midnights.

7. I was born with Hip Dysplasia. And my xrays kind of look like this

8. I never had a dog while growing up.

9. A guy on a motorcycle told me today that my land yacht had a brake light out..G fixed it..

10. My hair is almost all gray at age 40 something.

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Sunday

Last Sunday we drove to Pusheta Creek in Northern Ohio. We had never been there so it was a treat to find a great track. I took about 900 pictures so I thought I'd share a few with you. This was looking at the track from out parking spot. A great picture if I have to say so myself of a quad rider. I love this pic.

My baby boy jumping.
Drake takin a corner.
I love motocross. I don't think there is anywhere else in the world I'd rather be than watching my son ride.

Holiday Marshmellows

Last weekend monster #3 went to a sleepover so her sister and I threw together a few chocolate covered marshmellos. I guess kids were grabbing them as she got out of the car.
Feedback was that they were a hit.. I guess drizzled chocolate and sprinkles on marshmellows are a keeper.
Scew stick or sucker sticks
Melting waivers or chocolate bark
easy peasy..

Welcome Halloween Tablescape

Well fall is among us and it's time for my tablescapes to come back to life. I had big plans on doing more this year but never got around to it so here is my first for the season.
HalloweenA friendly spider hanging out on a plate.

Jars of fire balls and eye ball gum.
I got these napkins rings last year at Kohl's they were like .74 cents each. I put them around black paper napkins beeecause.. years ago I threw out my black cloth napkins and just never replaced them.. I know I shouldn't throw stuff away.

I got these candles this year and had a few more than candle holders so I stuck them in some coffee beans and a small mason jar.
I bought this cheezy vinyl tablecloth at Big Lots for like 3.oo.. The kids like it.
Some popcorn balls
I found a bag of plastic bugs and put the rings on the stemware as wine glass charms.. every glass is different.

I had seen these spider candle holders somewhere before but found them on sale at Big Lots this year....

More napkins
That's it for this years Halloween tablescape.. I can't wait til mOnday when I can pull out the fall/ Thanksgiving stuff.