Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Sky Watch Picks

I made it through 150 of the Sky Watch entries and I have some of my own favorites that I would like to share with you.

#56- Ivar (always spectacular) He's one that I have on my {when I grow UP} list.. I want to see great photos like him.
Stand by more to come

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sky Watch 10.30.09

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Swinging with dad at the playground.

P/P? What?

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Camping ideas

On our way back from Louisville a few weeks ago we drove through General Butler State Park. There was a deer right along the road. They had cute little cabins, playgrounds and a golf course. We might have to check this out next summer. We planned on going camping one more time this year and just didn't make it. Oh,, we don't need no stinking cabin we have the mansion tent.. Oh, how easily I forget. Anyone want to join us next year for a blogging camping trip.. ?That would be awesome.


This was a picture hanging in our hotel room in Louisville. I believe it's the capital building but not sure. I just love it.. Why can't I get photos like this?

Walk Down Memory Lane

Last year D went as Batman..

Probably 10 years before that he went as Batman..

somethings you never grow out of.

Now when he wears his Woody {Toy Story} costume Christmas shopping I will be worried. Let my clear this up... When D was little he wore his Woody costume Christmas shopping.... ... between Woody and Batman he was always in character. Join us/them over at SCotTsVille for a walk.
see the original post of this picture over at my old blog As the World Flops

Wordless Wednesday

Springboro, Ohio

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cincinnati, Ohio

Don't know what these buildings are.. I just loved the reflection of the clouds in the windows.
This is the Bengals stadium... where they never win...well maybe tonight, but I haven't checked the score. This is one of the many bridges that take you over the Ohio River to Kentucky.
This is coming back into town from Kentucky.. It's called the cut in the hill. It does look more impressive in person. You know your home when you come down the hill.

Nothing compared to New York but good on it's own.
The Bengals stadium again before a game.
As we zipped out of town last weekend I took some pics from the car. This is the big city close to where we live. Cincinnati, Ohio.. Have you ever been there? What big city is close to you?


42 years and going strong..

Monday, October 26, 2009

Land Mine

I took little monster to Michaels last night to find some Christmas crafts. I didn't find what I was looking for but we did find this sequin and bead ornament kit. There were 18 styrofoam balls, 4 different colored sequins and beads with pins in this tub. We have all had fun adding a couple here and there to a ball. D even added a few this morning without force and oldest's boyfriend was even checking them out. This is my "land mine"Yeah I know..hideous....We call this the little monster's New Years ball. I have always tried to do fun crafts with the kids but lately life has just taken over so I found this kit and thought we would try it. Will they ever (all 18) get finished,,NO.. Will I find this years from now in the craft room and think to myself what was I thinking..YES.. Did we have fun for a few days.. Dang right we did. And that's all that counts. Right? Right!!!! This kit was only like $4.00 so I didn't go overboard spending a fortune getting the kids to set around the table and spend some time together.

Now, let's see how long it is before I step on a pin and have a few choice words for whoever bought this... Oh, that would be me.. I guess I will just suck it up for togetherness. Thinking of the craft room, maybe I should go down and see what other left over crafts I have waiting to be finished.. Someone come get me if ya haven't heard from me in days.

Murder Myster Dinner

Murder by the Sea: The Dark Veil Mystery

Last weekend was my birthday so we decided to go to a Murder Mystery Dinner in Louisville. We took my mom and dad with us and they had a really good time. My dad has always read and watched murder mysteries so this was right up his alley. This was some of the characters. The guy on the floor was supposed to be a bum that lived on the property. He crawled around screaming and hissing. He didn't say a word and would just look at you and run off. He crawled over people and under tables and was very odd. I told him in the end that I wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face and he said it's hard. I guess that's why he's an actor and not me.

My pictures are all blurry cause I didn't want to turn on the flash and blind everyone. but ya get the point. It was fun. If you ever have the chance to see one go for it. Here is the link. You can find them all over the country. Murder Mystery Dinner

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family time

Today we took the kids to get pumpkins. The girls were excited.. D not so much. He would have rather been playing in the dirt with the boys. Cousin D called all day giving him updates on the daily progress of boy stuff.. We always get our pumpkins from Biggs. They have really big ones for a low price of 3.99 each no matter what size. The kids always have to have the biggest ones there and if we would have gone to a pumpkin patch it would have cost us a fortune. I know,, I know.. buy local. Well we don't, that's just how we roll at Halloween. They each got two. The girls are going to carve theirs with great designs but D on the other hand.. one was for his own artistic work and the other.. was to blow up. It's a boy thing. D did put some thought into his. he worked on it for a bit and in the end said he had fun.. G's job is to cut the top out with a big knife.. I take pictures (of course) and sort the seeds. Here is D's addition .. a half eaten Tootsie Roll and a Skittle. Oh, and we can't forget the motocross guy.. Fraynk the turtle even has a Jeremy McGrath figure in his tank. D says it's keeps him company.. The 899 (his bike number) Pumpkin of wonder. Okay as long as we are spending time together I guess that's all the counts. Here is Cousin D.. now earlier in the day Cousin D thought this was a stupid idea but once he got to the house he has fun adding his own VZ (Von Zipper- motocross goggles) to D's creation. Then they were off for a hour or so of boy stuff. Little monster came up with this peace sign and oldest cut out a star on hers. Simple from the past years where they tried to make those decorative pumpkins with the layout things. Then I took the guts inside to clean and sort and top with salt to bake in the oven for one of the seasonal treats the kids like. That was our day. Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


A few weeks ago we had a break in the rain so G and I took the kids out to a park just to play around for a bit and get out of the dang house. Of course I took "baby" with us and shot about 200 pics. I caught this one flying in the sky and I didn't get hit.. I felt like she was coming right down on my but we made it just fine. I love the swirling clouds and her screaming.. I have been busy with other pics, trying to do some genealogy and I came down with a cough.. I kind of feel like hockey puckey... til later.. toodles

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bus stop ahead

Well this morning at 7am {early, still very dark out, cold, did I say early} G received a phone call. Oldest monster was in an accident. She is fine but the car..not so much. The car will be receiving a lower jaw implant, nose job and a tuck around the ears for the big price of...well I don't know what the estimate is yet cause I was in bed all day. Ya see I worked from midnight to 4 am where I then went home to get some sleep.. but sleep was not on my agenda cause at 4 am my body says..


stay awake..

fight the urge..

sleep is overrated..

you must stay awake.

So I did..til 645am where I drifted off to a peaceful sleep for exactly 15 minutes before I was awoken to G standing in the bedroom saying she was in a wreck and she didn't know where she was and what should she do and who should she call and what and hurry and what and hurry...

So I jumped out of bed and threw on clothes which later was not highway approved for every person in SW Ohio going to work but I was there. She ran into the back of another kid going to school. They were both fine. I'm sure it was a case of HUA.. Head up ASS..driving... plus add teenager, plus license for exactly 30 days, plus 1000 other crazy teen drivers, plus dark, plus bottle neck area of the highway anyways..still it was her fault. G then called the insurance which dispatched a wrecker to find out 30 minutes later it would be another 45 minutes.. I then took control and said no we won't be waiting that long and called a local wrecker which was there in 10 minutes.
So she went to school, car went to the hospital for face reconstruction surgery and G and I came home where I took a shower and fell into bed.
Tonight she asked how she is getting to school. I don't she liked my answer of THE BUS!?!. I am waiting for the , this is not fair, why do I have to ride the bus, can't you take me, can I drive your car.. My answer....
I don't care, life is not fair,
cause you wrecked YOuR car and that's the price you pay,
No, we are not taking you, and
NO, it's our cars and NO, you had yours and you wrecked it..
Am I a bitch or what? She needs to get used to the bus again cause in court next week she will loose her license for a while and the bus will be her friend...
And to think.. only 2 more to go... my hair is already gray what else can happen.. ?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Couldn't wait

I took this picture today downtown and threw some editing to it and it came out like this then with {my new favorite toy} I added the spider and text. I love Halloween. we junked up the house a bit tonight. we have two skulls and some bones in a jar on our kitchen table. I know...I know...real healthy for the kids.. but it's Halloween. It's really not that bad.. maybe I'll take a picture one day..if I could only find the camera. ...

I combined my photos tonight onto one hard drive...guess how many GBs I have taken this year.. just guess. Leave your answer in my comment section.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

For ME?

G and the little one went to the store the other day and he came back with these lovely roses for me... I was a bit shocked cause I never get flowers and then I hear the little one say.. I made him do it. Wasn't that sweet of her. ...I mean him... she actually probably threw them in the cart and told him to buy them.. I know deep down he wishes he could think like this but he just doesn't. But anywho. They were on the table and I decided to play around with the camera so I took a few 15 or so. Ya know, The once a year flower ya gotta get every angle.
This one I focused and then spun the lens back as I took the pic.. This is my new trick. I have tried it on motocross photos and it turns out neat.. shows some movement, action or whatever ya want to call it.. Oh, I am such the photographer...NOT...

Enjoy !

Stray feet

Well I was looking at the front door which I had just picked up all the shoes and threw them in the dining room.. but once again the doorway is full of shoes.. so I grabbed baby and took this pic.Then I went to let Emma in and looked closer at the collection.. This is what I saw.... boots full of mud from what else the dirt bike track. Nice ... As I am typing another 4 pair have added to the group and still more to come.
Dirty boys....b.o.y.s.. equals DIRT!!!


Mooooo is what I say every time I go by these cows.. I know they think I am crazy.. which I am so they don't have to think to hard about it. This was one of those rainy cold days. I would have been snuggled in the barn watching reruns of HEe hAW... MOOOOOOOOO

Friday, October 09, 2009

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ghetto studio

Okay here is how my day went.. I woke up and D said he was going to a friends down the road to work on a dirt bike track.. yes he lives dirt bikes. So I asked him if he wanted me to make or bring you them dinner... Oh, no mom I will eat before I go.. So later I call him/ NO ANSWER and then text him/ NO ANSWER... So I go out to my smoking lounge and I hear a faint sound of a pit bike off in the distance and I know I'm about to be invaded... invaded is not the word.. First comes E and Mr.C on the pit bike.. they tell me that D is on a bmx bike and others are following.. OTHERS????? In comes Cousin D, Chaz (a new one) and C... So I go into mom mode and think...

come on Cathy think..
what can I throw together for 6 hungry boys that could not even give me a heads up... So I whip out the ole' credit card and order pizza.. All is well, all is happy.. they even left me one piece out of two large.. bless their little puppy dog hearts..

So while they waited for pizza they played XBOX live and pool and then I wrangled them in for a photo shoot. Ya see my SIL signed my up to help one of her friends with senior pictures. So in the last week G and I have set up a make shift ghetto photo studio in the basement. Here the boys are dragging Mr C for his turn. They all took turns and this is what I got out of my D.

A mix between Edward Cullen {Twilight} and Ethan Peck from 10 Things I hate about you.. {my new favorite show} but I don't watch TV so I will have to catch the episodes on the web one fine cold rainy day or night.... I don't really think he looks like either just maybe a face that Edward or Ethan would give.. kind of that 1/4 smile...
The oldest came in and saw this pic and even said he looked like Edward {Robert Pattinson} then she said- that's just creepy (that my brother could look like Edward) oh and then she said his hair looked greasy... I had to explain that his hair was dripping wet cause he decided he was going to strip in the kitchen to his underwear and jump in the freezing pool.. not one of his friends followed... then when I turned on the fans in the ghetto studio he wanted his picture with his hair blowing.. I don't know.. I'm just his mother. Anywho... my first senior picture photo shoot is tomorrow and I don't have the foggiest idea of what I am doing.. wish me luck.