Saturday, January 30, 2010


I created two more breakfast casseroles this morning.. For pics and as Ree would say Cast of Charactors read my cooking blog....NO Chef Required Now we are off to dance competiton...We or she is up against her old team from last year.. .I'll let ya know how she does..

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cindy Lou Who?

Meet Macy Claire- aka Macy LouI just want to strap antlers to her.

Macy Lou

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chicken Bacon Spinach Roll

Find out about my new concoction over at my cooking blog NO Chef Required..

Without work...

I would be a happy person.
I try to be a happy person all the time but life gets in the way and makes me a NON happy person.

I do love my job, I just have a bizillion other things that I would rather be doing and work just gets in the way..
I have a thousand crafts started

.. not

.. finished.

I started sewing cloth napkins and my sewing maching started acting up. I called in reinforcements {my mom.} She came down and had a few choice words with it.
Then I started sewing a table runner and I had a few choice words with it myself. The oldest walked through the kitchen and said she was going to forward the
"I have conversations with inanimate objects"
group on FACeBooK... geeEEEE thanks.
I am making a new bright orange tobacco worm scarf so I can wear it to dance competitions and show my colors.
I found the old craft of
Mod Podgeor decopodge..
gonna try some new things with it.

Sunday morning I told the little one the plan for the day {which did not include buying a dog} and I asked her if she just wanted to eat breakfast so we could get going or did she want a fancy table.. she said "Fancy Table!!!!"

I made Kendall's Blueberry Breakfast which turned awesomely.. is awesomely a word? G even liked it. We had that with cheesy eggs on bagels. The kids drank OJ out of wine glasses and we had fun. I didn't get any pics cause we threw it together just as the food was ready so there was no time in between. I think I should start setting the breakfast table Saturday night but this weekend I was so tired and could only think about bed.

I need to restring my Amber bracelet into a necklace so it's close to my neck, ears and head.. It's supposed to be good for ear troubles and I could have used it this past week.

I need to clean and organize my house. I noticed that the hat, scarf, glove bins in the coat closest are overflowing with mismatched gloves. The beach towel cabinet is a mess too. The little one and friends have got their swim on at the Y.

G and I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and stocked up some much needed stuff. We found several frozen things we make a lot cheaper up there then at Krogers.
I can see the light at the tunnel when the seasonal stuff turns into


products. Yeeeaaah.. I bought organic seed starter soil and some seeds. Last year we didn't have a garden and I missed it. I have to admit..I plant the seeds all pretty and then they are on their own. I don't weed everyday.. I don't fuss over them..but ya know what? They still grow veggies out the wazooo.. But it's sad to report that while I type this post it's snowing outside and the schools are delayed 2 hours. So in all reality spring is not that close and the seeds will have to wait. I will embrase this crazy snow thing cause I know that the Earth needs it to feed the grass and make it bright and green to run our toes through this spring when I am planting my GARDEN.
Did I mention my ear. ..? I know enough of the ear story. A guy at work told my about ear candling. We tried them and let me report it's much scarier being on the outside and in charge of cutting the ash than it is lying your head on the table with fire coming out of your ear. I have pics..yes I do.. I will try to get them posted for all to see..I know ya want to see.

Needless to say that since I do have this ringing and pain that my candle was a little yucky. Odd since I didn't have any wax that we could see. I must have a reserve tunnel with a stockpile.. maybe I will not show you .. Ear things are just gross in itself..

Do you ever listen to Yahoo radio or XM radio on your satellite or car? If so what is your favorite station. Mine is the Coffeehouse... when I listen to it I am so peaceful.. I think the TV is too busy and the up and down on levels drives me crazy.. I am at peace with my coffeehouse. If you have never listen to XM /satellite click here to check it out. Coffehouse

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


On my old blog I ran across some posts that I hid away. I reposted them and now linking for all so see.. Visit..As the World Flops


Since I slept most of the day I didn't get any new pics of the New Macy but G did take her for her vet visit..
Now picture this.. G taking the 2 lbs baby in her red corduroy winter jacket and pink collar to the vet. He is such a good grandpa.
So he took her for her checkup and the verdict
the doc thinks she is an
Australian Terrier
and could get to 10-12 lbs.
She is in good shape and said she is an excellent dog.
She got some of her baby shots so she wasn't feeling so well.
He doesn't think she is going to get fluffy but that's okay as long as she doesn't shed which I have pulled around and nothing comes off.
So that's the poop scoop.. I guess she's a keeper so watch for photo updates of the little thing-ette.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No sleep and new addition

This last week I have been in a funk..

bad mood...


whatever you want to call it.

I haven't blogged, don't care to blog and to be honest... it was kind of nice.

I have so much to do and so little time. I think part of it is my work shift {midnight to 8am} and then my little ear infection that doesn't really hurt but the ringing white noise is getting on my last nerve. I try to get to sleep but the noise just keeps going.. I am just in a mood and hope to jump out of it soon.

I have such big plans for things around the house and just never seem to get to them. We need to paint the laundry room but when I get in the mood it's so darn cold out and I'm afraid the paint will never dry. I have 15 different crafts going{another tobacco worm} and can't get nothing done. I never get a moment to set down and spend some real time doing what I love.
Dance is starting and motocross is picking up and I just want to sleep. Midnights is turning me into a not nasty but a zombie. I just wonder around the house and say..tomorrow... I'll get it tomorrow. Well after 2 years of tomorrow my house and my energy is running on empty to even get moving each day. I need peace, I need organization...I need a break.. A break without anyone is the house for 2 whole weeks.. Which in my world is not going to happen and that's okay too. If I could just have 2 or 3 days to myself then everyone could come back and tear it up.. My house is not a show's lived in.. lived in by 2 adults, 3 kids and numerous friends running around having a good time. See more pics here of what it could look like

In addition to the adults, kids and friend we have fish {easy care} a turtle, cat {Baxter} and dog {Emma} aka..furrrrbabies

However as of this past Sunday we have a new addition..
I am a grandma..
{sort of}
The oldest and her boyfriend has been visiting the pet stores for months now.. Every Friday and Saturday I get a pic message of yet another dog that they are in love with. Well they found this one the other day and so her dad and I agreed to go take a look. The agreement..the boyfriend would buy it for her for Valentine's day.. oh yeah..for us.. We took Emma to the pet store to check out the options. I was and am not thrilled by this choice.. she will turn out to be a good dog {I HOPE} but I just can't make the connection like I have with My EMma SUE but I guess that's okay.. I am only grandma.

I'm sure she will grow on me but it will take time.

So with half crooked smile

please help me welcome


to the family.

I know to some she is cute as a bug in a me since she is a NOT.. She is cute in her own way but I am not a dog person to start with and I usually lean towards the soft, fluffy sort not the wirey, short haired ones. She is supposed to a

Silky Terrier
..but I think she is more of a

Rat Terrier

with the coloring of Miss Emma Sue's Yorkie.. I do believe if Emma was shaved down she would look like her minus the big rat ears. .. more pictures to come.

I had thought about this and then G said it.. What if she was a real baby that wasn't quite the cutest..would you not love her for the looks.. I know..I know.. I will try to love her but my Emma will be my first love and she knows it.

They are all doing well. Emma is showing her dominent status and Macy came face to face with Baxter and he only hissed at her and didn't slap the crap out of her like he does Emm.. then Baxter woke me up in the middle of the night biting and pulling at my fingers trying to get me up cause Macy was crying in her cage. Even though he is the big bad cat brother he does have a heart..

and so should I..

I guess blogging is therapy..After I wrote the above I started thinking about how she has been acting. When I took her out the first time she jumped around like a little deer. I don't think she had ever been outside. She was digging her nose in the ground looking for creatures and with our bad dose of moles this year she probably was on to something.

She did lay down with me on the couch and dosed off.

She doesn't seem to like the light and covers her eyes or moves next to a pillow or your arm to shield it away.

She lets me rub her paws which is a good sign to future nail trimming. Emma on the other had is a total Biotch about this.

She took a bath with no problems and let me blow her hair dry.

She wore an old dress of Emm's and did okay and a jacket to go outside..

I guess she will be a okay dog and I know will turn out to a sweet little girl..

G is taking her to the vet tomorrow so I will report later on what breed she actually might be and how big or not big she will get. ..

So let's try this again.. with a big warm smile...Please welcome my new grandbaby.. Macy

I think most of my attitude is because a doggy is not just a little thing.. it's's money and a big commitment for years to come.

I'm just going with the tude...

What's one more in the zoo.

I'm not sure is that is a question or a statement but I'm going with it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Silly, Bizarre Holidays

Today Friday, January 22nd is National Answer Your Cat's Question Day.. Oh I can't wait to see what questions Baxter comes up with.

Week of 20th-24 is No Name Calling Week..

January 24th-

National Compliment day

- I think I may have the kids play this one.

Sunday Scramble

Welcome to the 1st Sunday Scramble brought to you by the one and only Justine. After reading about my scramble of a week jump on over to her blog and visit others. Sunday Scramble

First off-

I haven't made a post is a week or so.. I know I was going so strong and then wham..brick wall. I had nothing to post about. So tonight when I am creating this post I don't have all my little options for font size, style, center, non centering, etc..... I don't know if it's just me or if blogger has changed something but we will see.


A few weeks ago I had this tickle in my right ear. I have cleaned and cleaned my ears. Actually G said I clean them too much.. Can you clean them too much? Is there a medical term or condition for cleaning your ears TOO much..? Should I see a therapist over my ear cleaning ritual? In my world {which is one of it's own I have to admit} I would rather have clean ears than nasty dirty ears. I have taken pictures of certain family members or the kid's friends at school and when I go to look at the pictures all I see is nasty wax in their ears.. NASTY... Do I dare use the pic? No, I don't.
ANYWHO moving on.. now the tickle is gone but I have white noise ringing in that ear. It doesn't hurt which is my reasoning that I don't have to go to the doctor but it is getting annoying. I guess I will break down and go next week.

Now wasn't that just damn exciting to read about it?


3. I work midnights at our local police department dispatching police and fire. This week I don't know if I am coming or going. Usually I crawl into bed at 8:05 and sleep til around 1:30-2pm then at 8:30 I take a cat nap.. Well this week I can't sleep. I toss and turn til 11am and am sleeping til 6pm.. This is not working for me. My body is like a zombie walking around the house and by 830 I am tired again.. So these last two days I have been up for 2.5-3 hours a day to get things done and the rest has been trying to get to sleep, sleeping, doing what I could, napping, working. I told myself tonight that I have 2 more days and then days off.. Hopefully I will get my old schedule back.


That's all I have for this week.. Thanks Justine for being such a fine host.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What do you think?

The other night I had to run to the store. I took the back way which is a narrow, dark, river road with a bunch of curves.  As I was driving I saw this..
 I slowed down,
 backed up,
 looked again
 and said NO?!!!

Click on the "read more" to continue

Friday, January 15, 2010

Comment section

My Comment section will not move down to the bottom of my post..
 I have been into the layout and the post section and it shows that it's back down at the bottom but it won't move.

What do I do? I have turned off comments, logged out and logged back in and moved it and nothing.

Dinner, Dinnerware and Pasta Bowls

My last post I mentioned that I found these great little salad plates at Krogers for a whopping $.31..that's right.. my type of find.. 31 cents. I had bought 6 big plates and bowls around Christmas for $1.00 each and never put too much thought into the salad plate but when I found these I bought 6.. to see what over things I
found and a new

kid friendly

recipe click on the read more link.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New gals

Every once in a while I visit your friends to find myself some new friends..

I have found 3 new gals that make my eyes, and mind zing.. I love new ideas. Please visit them for yourself and see what ya think. She had the best up close, bright photos and very cute tablescapes.

Lisa at Odom: Party of Five- She has Mr. personality aka Mr. Bubbles and three gorgeous girls that keeps her life very busy. Great crafts and adorable rag quilts.

Enjoy reading.. I know I will..

Thanks for visitng- Cathy

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goodbye 4'Oclock Foto

For the past month or so I have done this Four O'clock Foto. I always had one or two photos that just didn't go with any other post but they had their own story. So I started posting them{auto post} at 4pm everyday. It was fun but it took up time in the middle of my day that I could post about other things. So I have decided to go slow on the Four O'clock Foto.. If I have a special pic I need to brag about I will add it..but not everyday. So goodbye Four O'clock and on to other things.

Tonight I made two

chicken dinners

with one big pack of chicken and we had a great meal. To see what we had and other ramblings click on the read more link...

Found interview

I was cleaning out my {collect all} notepad in my purse where I scribble ideas, lists and more lists.. I came across a interview I did with my G from maybe August or September. For his answers and what he thinks of me read on.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Odd Shot

This was at the Sushi Bar at the Great Wolf Lodge on New Years Eve.. They had these guys lying on a brick of ice.. NASTY...

Breakfast, Branches and Big Chill

First off let me say I am sorry.. I hate this new editor, I actually said that before and then thought I would give it another try and here we are. I can't seem to get the pictures to stay together and with almost 25 pictures I am going with it.

Here's what's been going on around my chill zone.
Well we have been having a deep freeze. Because I work midnights and slept until 4pm yesterday I was up all night..Yes that's right ALL night. I finally laid down around 1 pm and slept for 2 hours. So in that time I organized things around the house. The only problem is the more quiet I try to be the more noise I make. However since I was up I watched the fog roll in and the trees start to freeze. I hope the neighbor didn't mind me outside at 5am taking pics. I'm sure they didn't even notice.

I wish I could capture the beautiful ice and flakes on the branches. Miss Emma Sue got her hair put in pig tails today. Then got her picture taken. She was wearing her "Bite ME" Gingerbread shirt. She is such a diva..
The girls went outside to play in the snow yesterday. Man was it cold but they were okay.. Layers..ya know. This was the fog rolling in early morning. During breakfast with our fancy tablescape I took a picture of my milk glass..only problem is I didn't take the lens protector {pink can coozy} off and so this is what I got.
After my nap and rearranging my livingroom I sat down in what G calls "Camp Cathy" and took some pics. of my hairy legs and feet. Sexy Huh?
G gave Baxter some Kitty nip.. he was high as a kite rolling around on the floor.
Now on to breakfast. I made a small egg casserole cause I knew no one would eat it.

I added eggs, milk, minced onion, bacon, salt, pepper and parsley.
Threw it in the oven for a while and presto..

Last night as I was looking for some dishes I have stashed I found these blue ones and silver chargers. (seen Below)

I thought it was good.. I loved the onion in it..
Silver chargers. Years ago when D was 6 or 7 we went to Target Christmas shopping. I saw these chargers and said I would like to have them.. not really meaning that I would like to have them but I would.. As we walked around the store D started asking me how he was going to buy me something if I had to take him. My mom usually got me something or took him and then he would give it to me so I wasn't sure what he was getting at. I then told him that one day I could take him and give him some money and he get me something and I wouldn't look. He asked if he could have the money now. Ok.. So I asked the clerk if she could walk to the other isle with him {out of my sight} and help him. So she took him. I followed behind but not too close but wasn't just going to let her walk off with him even though it was my idea. Then they made their way to the cashier. As I was standing there looking but trying not to look another clerk looked at me funny. I then explained that he had money and was buying them for me but he didn't want me to see. She wrapped them with an extra bag so I couldn't see and helped him with the money. I teared up.. I am tearing up now. That was the most precious thing he could have done. He was so scared to hand her the money and didn't really know what to do but they helped and he was so proud when I opened them on Christmas morning and he surprised me. I hung a couple on the walls, but a candle on one and sat the other around the house. He loved it cause he bought them for ME... What a sweetheart. That was one of the best gifts I ever got.. It didn't cost much. They aren't name brand or anything but it was the thought.. His thought..  More pictures of the Big Chill and pretty branches. Once again sorry about the terrible pic positions.. but thanks for visiting and come back any time. ~Cathy

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monochrome Monday

Antler chandalier at Great Wolf Lodge.. okay, I don't know why this pic is rotated. Visit more Monochrome photos here at the Monochrome Weekly

Four O'clock Foto

Four O'clock Foto

Last week I found this shelf at Ikea.. I played around with it and this is how I junked it up.. The pic is not that good. I could not get the right light..but ya get the idea.

Mix and Match

I decided to try a tablescape tonight for tomorrow's breakfast. This is my problem. I either have a whole set of dishes or I just a few of this and a few of that. I tried to mix and match tonight and well it's bland.. I put my Idea amber plates as a charger cause they are so big and it's not Thanksgiving. I added my good ole' Corelware for the plate. I have these cute little amber I think depression stemware and one of my two sets of orange juice glasses with pitcher. I still need a lot of work on this tablescape thing..
I found these cute little
pizza plates at Michael's for $1.00 a piece.
They are plastic but does pizza really need to be eaten on good China? I don't think so.
 {I am also trying to new editor so well...I don't think I'm gonna like it..}
Any tips on getting the pics to move and STAY where ya want them?

These red plates I found at Hobby Lobby. I only bought 2 plates and 2 salad plates.. I don't know why just becasue I did.  I love the bumping texture to them.  I spent $2.04 each for the salad plate and $5.10 for the dinner plates. I love them. 

Next I bought these two animal skin design stemware for the G and I .. kids hands off.. I am drinking a Bloddy Mary out of them now.. I know..not quite the Bloody Mary glass but I had to try them. They were also on sale. $4.76 each compared to original $13.99..wowza..

We ate dinner on these guys last night. It is a country farm winter scene.I have 4 dinner and 4 salad..  {I had these in my cabinet, know clue where they came from} and I also added this winter scene stemware. I think these may have been from Kroger one Christmas but not sure.. I have to say we lost one of these tonight while I was wiping off the counter..I hit it and flew off and hit the floor..then when I yelled Emma came running and walked right through the glass. I hurried and put them back in the cabinet..Guess was an extra anyways.. Now I am at a even number 12.. all is good. That's why ya buy one extra anyways, right? Right.!!!I then traveled down to the basement where I found more plates and charges.. I really didn't realize I had this much stuff. I know we have a whole box of China somewhere. I have looked, G has looked. I also have a few other plates and things that I just can't find.. I think it's time to clean out these darn closets and find some stuff. 
Do you have any tips for a beginner tablescaper?
 How many sets of things do you buy?
What do you do when you only have 4 of one thing and have to set the table for 6?
How many sets of flatware do you have?
 What are the rules for tablescapes?
Do you set the table everytime you have a meal?
Okay forget this.. I can't get this pic to move up..back to the old editor..

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Four O'clock Foto

Four O'clock Foto

One night we had this pasta dish and some garlic bread..

I threw some and ham and cheese on a few pieces

and had a nice little {but think} sandwich.

A new staple for the hungry crew.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Four O'clock Foto

Four O'clock Foto

I wasn't drinking..I swear.. but I sure do look like it.. maybe it was all thee excitement... My phone was blowing up about then with twitters from Norad..the Santa tracker...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow, Shells, Soup, Scarf equals

a very excited mom on a snow day...

Ya see I don't know who gets more excited me or the kids..probably the kids but I get pretty darn excited about bad weather, snow, bad roads and no school. However today I had to work til 8am and then went to sleep til my normal 1:19 PM.. I woke up and the house had been in full swing but I still got to enjoy a little of it. Baxter slept most of the day on his bankie..not blanket..bankie, G and the kids made snow ice cream.

I love the thought of sledding,

playing in the snow,

hot chocolate and

nasty frozen towels at the front door

full of outdoor wear.

I know.. you all must think I'm crazy..that's okay... cause I am.. I love this stuff.

Last night I went to work and I dug out my green scarf.. Now this scarf has history.. I made it myself and I love it. Years ago I wore it to work and our Asst. Chief asked what the hell it was. Someone mentioned that it looked like a tobacco worm.. I know.. I know.. how could they say that about my gorgeous scarf.. Well one day a little piece fell off and I went in and put it around one of his Police figurines in his office.. I told him that since he was so jealous that he could have one too. He thanked me..then looked at me like I was crazy.. which I am. He asked if it ever dies and I said yes.. it actually unraveled and I had to re-loop it. It's alive, it will never die.. Well last night he came in and was in his office.. I called his name and then flipped in the door of his office.. he laughed like.

OMG another winter with the worm.

There ya go, now ya know the story of my tobacco worm.

Now to the soup part-

I decided last night {at work} I would make the kids potato soup today..

This is a combo of my mom's and a Weight Watcher recipe.

Warm, hearty, easy and quick..

First I cut up potatoes...imagine that... potatoes in potato soup..unheard of..

I boil them in some water and chicken broth, a little onion, garlic powder, parsley, salt and pepper.

Bring to a boil and when potatoes are tender

mix 1 packet peppered gravy mix with some milk and add to the boiling pot. I then threw in some Velveeta cheese and a spoonful of butter.. Remember I don't measure anything so just wing it.. trust can do this.

My theory..

if it's too dry add more liquid..

if it's too wet add more dry.. Now this is the "my mom part"

Mix Bisquick, egg and milk into a sticky wet paste...

yummy huh? Then drop it in the boiling pot by the spoonful.. this makes little dumplings..

{the best part} Let them cook a few minutes and serve.. Easy peasy potato soup.

Other events of the day.. I put a recycle label on one {we have two for the crew} of the trash cans in the kitchen. Love my label maker.

While my soup cooked I snapped a pic out the kitchen window.. how dreary looking, at least it isn't so terribly cold out today. Then I ventured out the front door where I took some pictures of the dormant, peaceful snow covered plants. I love how the snow piles up on things.. Emma is a snow bunny at heart..she loves to dig into the snow with her face.. I only got this pic cause I yelled Cheeeeeeeeese. The little monster was outside with a friend sledding down D's skateboard ramps. He was off tromping through the woods and the oldest was snowmobiling with her man.

I guess the weather is getting to the oldest.. she cleaned her room..I mean REALLY cleaned it and then came down with shells from Myrtle Beach that she collected like 3 years ago.. She is having sun with drawl. She washed the shells where they found a crab pincher {which was thrown into the recycle can..} What? She is going to put these around her room. She is needing the beach.

The girls at dance the other night asked her if she was sick.. I didn't want to say that yes in fact she was getting a little pale.

If I would I would have got the tanning bed argument again..

So with snow on the ground I have shells on my island, what a combo.

Well it was 4pm and D had been wondering through the woods with friends since I got up. They made it over to Cousin D's house {a little over a mile}so I went to get them. His aunt said they were warm but their clothing was frozen and I couldn't stand to make them walk back. So I ventured out in my winter boots.. Sexy huh?

I wasn't going to take my camera and sure glad I did..I came back with about 75 new pics that I just couldn't live without.. Hi my names is Cathy and I am addicted to my camera.
Well I pulled up to get 4 boys and there was Mr. C.., Cousin D was plowing the drive.

So I threw the boys in the Land Yacht and took off to slip and slide {on purpose} down the road. I tell ya.. they kept saying hit the brakes and my traction control took over..bummer.. I did take it out of 4 wheel drive in Mr. E's drive and well I couldn't go anywhere.. I put it back in and took off.. I think she {Mr. E named her Honey} likes 4 wheel drive. Now some people buy SUV and never use it.. Oh I use it...I bought the land yacht {Honey} cause I am always hauling 3-6 wet, frozen, stinky, muddy, kids around with all their junk {snowboards, air soft guns, motocross, dance, dirt bikes} My car is not a pretty, clean all the time thing.. it's dirty, used, kid tested and lived in... I just crank up the heat and turn on some music, they put their seat belts on and carry on with their stupid little jokes, farts, burps and we whip down the road. I handed D the camera and had him get a pic of this car that slid down a hill.. I would have taken it myself but the poor soul was standing along the road with the tow truck and I didn't want to do the same while trying to capture their misfortune.

Our road..not bad..still slick.

Black and white looking in my side mirror.

Mr. E in his fashionable Carhartts. He was posing. He is such a funny kid.

Mr. E's mom has a horse farm so I stopped, jumped out and ran over to take some pics.This guy like my camera.. He almost nosed my lens..

This is Mr. E's drive.. it's pretty long but my good ole' Honey trotted right down the lane with no problems.

Well I hear the dryer beeping over Jack Johnson on XM radio {where I am dreaming of sand, more shells and sun} and I need to get new dry towels on the floor for the second round and do dishes from the mess today. I just took snow bunny out and the walk is 5 G had it cleaned off {it's 7:37 now} So much for the quick has snowed since 8am.. Looking like we are having snow day #2 tomorrow.. I am so excited, but I also have to work tonight at midnight..this is when I wish I didn't have Honey loving her 4 wheel drive. I could totally stay home tonight but I can't...9-1-1 will still ring..I have to be there.