Friday, February 05, 2010

Ayyy? What ya say?

Hello girls, I'm still here.. .. I'm still in a funk..
I don't have anything to blog about..or maybe I just don't feel like it.
I have only taken a few pictures of my newest masterpieces, creations
{be afraid.. be very afraid}
so maybe this weekend during our white death I will get to posting them.
I have read all your updates but I just don't seem to have anything worthy to add to the mix.. not that anything I say is worthy but ya know... anywho tomorrow..
I am going to see a ENT {Ears, Nose and Throat Dr.}
Yes I am still messing around with this annoying ear infection... Okay so I thought ear infections hurt really bad, made you dizzy beyond Buzz Lightyear and drained like a flash flood.. and maybe they do but mine is not like that.
It started around Christmas with this
odd tickle.
I had my mom look in it with a scope and there was nothing there.
It would do this
popping trickle
thing once in a while but nothing big.
Then about 12 days ago the whole side of my head stopped up and I have this constant white noise hissing ring..
Now that's kind of gets to me but whatever... So I went to the Dr. and he gave me an antibiotic.. Well Sunday I notice it was draining.. I thought that was a good thing but apparently not.. I called the doctor today and they think my ear drum may have ruptured..I don't know maybe, I wouldn't really worry about it but I still have the white noise and I can't quite hear out it very well. G is getting tired of repeating himself.. I can't hear a dang thing..He looked in or tried to look in and he said my
ear was swollen shut..
Ooopppps. I would say that's not a good thing.
Soooooooo. tomorrow during our white death party
I am going to trek down the road and see what they say.. I'm sure I will get a nice tug on sore ear, a little scraping around and a
special little pinch in the hip
{shot, bing bing, large needle full of screaming stinging medicine}
and get sent home to slam some sleep, feed the kids, work all night and watch the blizzard of snow fall..
They are forecasting 4-6 inches of snow..which means 2 inches cause we never get more than 4-5...and they are never right. If it's going to send the grocery stores and gas stations into a tizzy we could atleast get a good 12 inches to make it worthy. Will we go to the store? YES....cause we need to and there is nothing to eat.. Will I go fill up my land yacht...NO...cause I'm really not that worried about it.. Will I dig out my snow shovel...? NO...what's the use... I am really trying to jinx myself here.. As long as it snows after 8 am on Saturday morning I dont' care what it does..
Anyways.. that's what's going on with me.. See ya girls tomorrow..maybe I'll be able to hear ya..

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Cathy said...

Hope you're feeling better today!

You have an award at my blog. Check it out when you have time.