Friday, October 29, 2010

Welcome Halloween Tablescape

Well fall is among us and it's time for my tablescapes to come back to life. I had big plans on doing more this year but never got around to it so here is my first for the season.
HalloweenA friendly spider hanging out on a plate.

Jars of fire balls and eye ball gum.
I got these napkins rings last year at Kohl's they were like .74 cents each. I put them around black paper napkins beeecause.. years ago I threw out my black cloth napkins and just never replaced them.. I know I shouldn't throw stuff away.

I got these candles this year and had a few more than candle holders so I stuck them in some coffee beans and a small mason jar.
I bought this cheezy vinyl tablecloth at Big Lots for like 3.oo.. The kids like it.
Some popcorn balls
I found a bag of plastic bugs and put the rings on the stemware as wine glass charms.. every glass is different.

I had seen these spider candle holders somewhere before but found them on sale at Big Lots this year....

More napkins
That's it for this years Halloween tablescape.. I can't wait til mOnday when I can pull out the fall/ Thanksgiving stuff.

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