Monday, March 22, 2010

Different Journey

Lately I have been on a different journey. I felt terrible, I hurt (in my bones) and working midnights and sleeping during the day was draining me to no end. So we have been experimenting with natural, organic and whole foods. I even discovered that my favorite Apple Salsa is a raw food. Raw means (no cooking). A few weeks ago G and I stopped at Trader Joe's. What a neat little market. Everything is organic, natural and the Trader Joe's version of food had no chemicals, no preservatives and no MSG. We were surprised at the low cost of most items. We bought more than we expected to and today I went back for more. Here is my loot. 87.38 worth.. Now about 20 of that was for candy which I wouldn't have normally bought but with Easter fast approaching I thought I would make the monster's baskets with a little bit healthier junk than normal. I got these noodles for .99 and the sun flower seeds 1.49. I found that I like these Pure- organic Cherry Cashews bars they are a little pricey but I like them. 1.49 each. I bought Stevia for 6.99 for this big bottle. Stevia is a natural sweetener. This is not the organic cause it was more. I will use this in smoothies, tea and anything else that don't need a lot of sugar.

Bag of Limes (1.99) and a bag of Lemons (1,49)
Organic Kiwi 1.99

Organic bananas- .29 each and Organic baby carraots 1.69
D is loving the orgain Chocolate Brownie Clif bars.
I bought some cinnamon 1.99. All their spices are 1.99. Much cheaper than Krogers. Now they don't have a big selection but I have most of them now and love the Pink Himalayan Salt.

Oh and one of the girls showed me these cute little things. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Great for Easter Baskets. They were more and I won't buy them every time but for Easter I splurged. 3.49

And I got G some Peanut butter cookies cause he is having sweet withdrawl. A Kale green smoothie is just not getting if for him.

Carrots and Broccoli really cheap and organic.NICE

Organic Soy milk- throw some of this and bananas in a blender or smoothie machine and the kids love it. I also add Protein powder, Fiber and ground Flax seed. They request it.

Oh Oh the Very Green nasty looking crap.. I had asked the cashier where the candy was and as we were talking I mentioned that I tried to make a green smoothie and the kids would not try it.. She opened a bottle of this stuff and OMG.. it is so good. So I bought a bottle and when the oldest got home from school I gave my sales pitch. She later tried it and then walked off with a big glass of it. She even said she was afraid to drink too much cause the bottle was so little. I told her not to worry about it and drink it. It tastes like apple, banana, orange juice but it has so much more. Remember Spirulina (blue-green algae) that I mentioned before cause I add it to my smoothies.. Yep, it's in there. This bottle was like 3.49 for a IDK a pint. I would have to look. But it's good and it's good for you. It's a keeper.

Since I have been eating more fruits and veggies I haven't wanted anything sweet. But I bought the kids these gummy things and I bag for me. Now before I could have eaten the whole bag but I found that after about 3 I was all sugared out. I actually kind of felt sick.

I saw this toothpaste in their flyer last week and wanted to try it. It's a lot thicker than your normal Crest and the flavor.. straight up peppermint with a twist. I think I like it. And it was only 1.99 for a big tube. Thanks Trader Joe's.

I bought some organic butter to try and this honey yogurt. Now I'm not a big yogurt fan. I like textured and yogurt, pudding and jello just don't have it. I tried this Honey stuff and it's to die for. I love it.

Dried apricots to snack on.
I found a great no fry recipe for the Eggplant and I bought two new kids of milk. I like to keep box milk in the pantry for those days when I run out of regular.
And that's my trip. Have you ever been to Trader Joe's.. I love it. Does your family eat anything organic? Are you finding that it is more expensive in your area? In SW Ohio it's a good deal.


Justine said...

We don't have a Trader Joe's although now I wish we did! I don't think I'd ever go all-out organic like you're doing though because some of it I think is just baloney, but... eating healthier is always a good thing!

I still think you need to get yourself off nights. I've said that before! And if you're feeling odd pain here and there it's probably time for a physical too!

Anyway, interested to see if eating this healthy gunk helps you feel better. Keep us posted! I can't believe the great prices you paid for that stuff!

Justine :o )

*Lissa* said...

Good for you for eating healthier! Awesome!

We don't have TJ in my area, or STATE, for that matter, but I do buy some organic/natural products. I also buy meal kits from The Healthy Pantry which make meal time breezy!