Thursday, August 20, 2009

That time of year

Tonight G started his season of bowling...yuck.. I am not a bowler, don't pretend to be and never will be. I dislike bowling like a bad case of I don't know what. Years ago I was asked to bowl on a women's league.. Oh what they didn't know or for that fact... what I didn't know.

1. They didn't know that I had only bowled probably 3 times in my whole life.

2. They didn't know that I have no concept of what I was doing.

3. I didn't know that it went on for 32 weeks..yikes. I could have been pregnant and delivered before this dang season was over.

4. I didn't know that it was super BORING!!!!

5. I couldn't stand the waiting my turn only to grab a gutter ball. Yeah, I was that good.

I will tell you how good I was.. now hold on to your seats-- cause you will fall off laughing.. My highest score was a 128 and that was only 1 night.. I know, I know.. sign me up right? I don't know what I was thinking.
I never bought a ball or shoes, Thank God- cause that would have been a big mistake.. I would wonder the ball rack to look for my favorite ball with the name DeWayne on it.. yes DeWayne was my friend. He helped me keep my low score every week.
But G loves bowling and has bowled since he was 10.. Good luck to him and hope he has a good time.. I will have a good time surfing the web, posting to all my fine peeps out there and take a quiet bath and shave my legs. Sounds like fun to me..
Do you bowl? Have you ever bowled on a league? Do you have a sucky low score like me or are you a pro?

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Teri said...

I really love to bowl, but it is quite apparent that I am no good at it. The competition thing doesn't kick in with me at all. I think I bowled about 130 one time in my entire life. My steady average hovers around 77, no kidding.

But the patty melts are to die for.