Friday, August 28, 2009


Daily, while trying to get to sleep, feeding the turtle, wiping dingleberries off Emma's butt I think of these off the wall random questions. So I think I will make a running list and post it once a week or so.. Please shoot me some answers and let me know that I'm not crazy. Thank Ya-

Okay- here we goooo....

1. Do you use Analytics on your site? If so do you ever check it?

2. Do you ever brush your teeth with peroxide and baking soda? I do all the time. I have a tub of baking soda on the sink..

3. Tonight I thought I would try a new yogurt flavor. Well new for me.. Cherry Cobbler.. {Yoplait} Yeah well it takes like blueberry. Ok, but I was expecting some cobbler ..I guess it is yogurt. What is your favorite flavor?



Darla said...

Don't even know what you are talking about in the first question. I rinse my mouth with peroxide a couple of times a week. a lot of flavors!

michelled said...

Does Feedjit count for analytics? I have that and can see the total hits and where people are hitting...and I do check it sometimes.

Don't use baking soda/peroxide. Perhaps I should!

Should also eat more yogurt but I don't much. I like lemon.

Justine said...

I actually just stalled analytics so I haven't actually studied it yet.

Yogurt is okay, but I hate fake cherries. I only like fresh ones, nothing cherry flavored.

No to the peroxide and baking soda. Blech!

Justine :o )