Saturday, August 22, 2009

I wouldn't know them either

For the past 8 years (actually it was 11 years, he did a few years of preschool and 1 extra year of kindergarten to get him backed up since he was so young) we would be out and D would see someone he regonized from school. I would then say "Who is it, what's his/her name?" He couldn't tell me. He just knows that they go to our school. I think that is the weirdest thing cause when I went to school we had (4 ) 4th grade classes. When HE was in 4th they had (16) 4th grade classes. Tonight I was looking at their high school page.. yes he is made it to high school.. does that make me old? Anywho, here are the numbers of students in their school.

Sr. 307 Career Center 103 = 410
Jr. 340 98= 438
So. 408 0 = 408
Fr. 411 0 = 411

Grand Total= 1667

With this many kids I guess I wouldn't know all of them either.. That's just weird to me but it's like their own small town.. I guess in some ways it is.. I think I'm glad I grew up in a small school.. guess I will never know.. I just looked up MY old high school and they have 337 students total in the whole high school.. What a different world.
So tell me what kind of school did you grow up in?

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