Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hello out there....!!

Yes, I have been lost.. no not really but I feel like it. As I signed in I almost forgot my password .. this is bad.. ya see I have been a bit busy with my other website.. I know, I know.. you are my peeps but I let things get backed up over there and now boys are yelling for pictures and so I have been sorting. I spent a few days out at the track doing this... standing under dirt bikes almost flying over me. I ran out of daylight and was switching things around and my flash came on and one kid dumped over.. he wasn't hurt and says it wasn't cause

I stuck a strobe in his face
but I think it was. I took the picture and turned and he was on the ground..opppps.... Gosh this was ten days ago... We were to have a race this last weekend and it was going to rain so they called it a practice and one little guy endo'd and the bike landed on him. I was right there so I started calling out 0rders for the other boys to stop the traffic and one to go get help. As the squad showed up so did 2 deputies..they were board so they thought they would stop by. Well then this dumb ass decided he was going to go in his tent and

start smoking pot.. yes a tent..
I wanted to say.. hey dumbass.. you could have walked off to the woods but no ya do it in a tent.. I never did smell anything but we weren't that close.
So they arrested him right there in front of everyone. Dumb Ass.... I had never seen these people before and it's one thing to get dirty at the track but their kids were filthy.. I mean down right dirty, no bath for days and walking around with no shoes on.. They were little.. Not the kind of people we usually see. Anyways, he was hauled off and then come to find out the little girl was in the tent with him.. Double Dumb Ass. I bet they won't be back. So the rain hit and we went home.

Today is homecoming for the boys.. I will have pictures soon of 8 big boys all dressed up. D even bought dress shoes..which I will also take a picture of since I won't
see him dressed up again til his wedding day..
if even then. !?!

Oh, and G bought me roses the other day and I took {I hope} some good pics of them..

I hope to be back to normal blogging to my peeps soon. We have about 3 weeks off racing but we might throw in a training day to help out one of the riders that was injured. He just won two of the biggest races and was going pro. His parents took him off their insurance for unknown reasons at this time but he wrecked in Michigan and is paralyzed. D did not know him but our neighbor has known him for years. If you would like to read about him visit
The whole racing community is pulling together to help with the cost of his recovery. I hear that the flight alone was over $10,000.00 Wowza..

Well til I can get back.. Be good


Justine said...

OmG, smoking pot in a tent at the race track? WTH????

I'm glad to hear the boy that flipped because of your flash (LOL) wasn't hurt!

Justine :o )

徵信社 said...

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