Thursday, September 03, 2009


Today- Thursday Sept 3, 2009 I have been MIA this last week. I started with a headache last week. I'm not sure of the day cause it was a headache and why should I worry. I know I went to bed with it Friday morning and woke up with it Friday around 3pm. This weekend it came and gone, we actually were childless Saturday night and I didn't want to do anything cause my head hurt.

Okay, so come Monday it really hurt. Monday night I was sure I was having a migraine. I was in bed all day and around 7pm it hit. I was in a dark room but it was like fireworks going off. So I went to the chiropractor Tues and he popped, cracked, pushed, shoved, rubbed and everything so I thought I was fixed.. NOOOOO. I decided I needed to go to my family doctor so I had G call and make me an appointment for Wednesday. He ordered a CAT scan and put my on meds. I was a loopy mess last night. I was so drugged but I still had my headache. Tomorrow I have my CAT scan ..wish me luck.

The weird thing is that Monday I did try to eat a few cookies and milk. I went to dunk my cookie in the milk and missed the glass. I have been noticing that I have "missed" things here lately and I thought I was just too I don't know..

Well, I am off to bed again so I can work tonight. See ya in the future.


TCKK said...

How are you feeling this evening. Did the Dr. help?

Justine said...

{{{{{{{{{{Cathy}}}}}}}}}} How terrifying! I really really hope you're feeling better by now and that the doctors can figure out what the hell is going on!

Justine :o )

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