Saturday, September 12, 2009

Meet the King(s)

So, 9-11. I usually spend the day reliving 9-11-01, looking at memorials, videos, and remembering. Today was different then any other year. I worked from midnight til 8 am. We don't have a TV in dispatch so I didn't catch the early tributes of the day. Actually I was obsessing over Edward and Bella.. It's a thing. I am into their whole thing right now..anywho moving on. I went home at 8am went to bed straight away. At 1:15 the alarm went off. I jumped in the shower, made a sandwich and ran out the door to gather these guys {aka-the kings, monsters, moto mafia, teenagers, the gang, friends} Myself and another mom took 9 kids to Men's Wearhouse to "rent a vest" for homecoming. Yeah,, that was fun. See E on the right in the HOOTers shirt. It wasn't long before the hooters shirt came up and he was flashing people from inside the store..good thing no one was outside. They started out wanting pink, somehow they ended up with bright aqua..they didn't chicken out on the pink, just once in the store they all agreed on this other. I couldn't find a picture but in a few weeks I will have tons to show you. After that experience I took 5 on them to Burger King. Okay, they all love Burger King.. ewww, I don't know why but they do. So they walk in and the girl behind the counter says "Welcome to the King and I am the Queen, can I help you?" Oh, that sent them in to extreme BK lounge mood. Another employee gave them crowns to wear..which if I would have said they had to wear them I would have been met with a big resistance..but he gives them one and they don't take them off til...yes they got home from their HIGH school football game. On E again... he made earrings out of these plastic pieces and walked around BK with TP hanging out of his pants. .. On the way up they rocked my car, blared the ipod, sang, screamed, TRIED TO GET SOME GIRLS PHONE NUMBER FROM THE CAR NEXT TO US....My babies are not babies anymore..they are growing up to be horny men...No wonder I have gray hair. They set my car alarm off in the parking lot and Cousin D took my car and drove around the parking lot.. yes he has his license. After a half assed Chinese fire drill in the middle of town , taking cousin D home to get his truck, drop C off and run in to use the bathroom, go to E's to get his phone and take D to his dad's to change shoes I finally dropped them off at the game. Finally around 1045 I sat down to catch the 9-11 memories on the History channel..then I came to work. I really need sleep and now they tell me they are picking up another race this weekend. Calgon take me away. ....

Oh I almost forgot.. E is turning out to be quite the little comedian... I pick them up at the game and he says he needs to call his mom cause she didn't know where he it's 1030 at night and he decides he should check in with her.. I really don't believe she didn't know but anyways. He calls and says
"Yeah mom, there is a bad wreck on XXXX road and we can't get down so I am staying with D"

"Well mom there really wasn't a wreck but two [2] animals got into it and we are stopped on the road waiting for an officer to question us"

By this time, I'm going.uhhhh?

"No I think it was Big Foot and a bear, a big bear, oh and two deer and a llama, [that would make 5] No the officers want to know if we saw anything"

By now I am laughing so hard...

Then he says, "Oh you should really try these coffee monster drinks,,yummy, No the officer gave it to use cause it was the end of his shift."

I said to myself...MENTAL NOTE.. this kid can come up with some off the wall crap...END NOTE...


TCKK said...

Okaaaaay. Maybe girls aren't so bad after all!!! hahaha

michelled said...

Oh yikes. I'm in trouble. My oldest son just turned 10. That stuff is all right around the corner.

You're a good egg.

Justine said...

Oh girl, I so do NOT envy you! I'll take squealy girls over that any day! LOL

Justine :o )