Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family time

Today we took the kids to get pumpkins. The girls were excited.. D not so much. He would have rather been playing in the dirt with the boys. Cousin D called all day giving him updates on the daily progress of boy stuff.. We always get our pumpkins from Biggs. They have really big ones for a low price of 3.99 each no matter what size. The kids always have to have the biggest ones there and if we would have gone to a pumpkin patch it would have cost us a fortune. I know,, I know.. buy local. Well we don't, that's just how we roll at Halloween. They each got two. The girls are going to carve theirs with great designs but D on the other hand.. one was for his own artistic work and the other.. was to blow up. It's a boy thing. D did put some thought into his. he worked on it for a bit and in the end said he had fun.. G's job is to cut the top out with a big knife.. I take pictures (of course) and sort the seeds. Here is D's addition .. a half eaten Tootsie Roll and a Skittle. Oh, and we can't forget the motocross guy.. Fraynk the turtle even has a Jeremy McGrath figure in his tank. D says it's keeps him company.. The 899 (his bike number) Pumpkin of wonder. Okay as long as we are spending time together I guess that's all the counts. Here is Cousin D.. now earlier in the day Cousin D thought this was a stupid idea but once he got to the house he has fun adding his own VZ (Von Zipper- motocross goggles) to D's creation. Then they were off for a hour or so of boy stuff. Little monster came up with this peace sign and oldest cut out a star on hers. Simple from the past years where they tried to make those decorative pumpkins with the layout things. Then I took the guts inside to clean and sort and top with salt to bake in the oven for one of the seasonal treats the kids like. That was our day. Happy Halloween.


TCKK said...

Looks like fun! I'm not sure I've ever eaten pumpkin seeds.

Justine said...

Looks like a great day, even if the boys had trouble admitting it! And mmmm... the pumpkin seeds!

Justine :o )