Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bus stop ahead

Well this morning at 7am {early, still very dark out, cold, did I say early} G received a phone call. Oldest monster was in an accident. She is fine but the car..not so much. The car will be receiving a lower jaw implant, nose job and a tuck around the ears for the big price of...well I don't know what the estimate is yet cause I was in bed all day. Ya see I worked from midnight to 4 am where I then went home to get some sleep.. but sleep was not on my agenda cause at 4 am my body says..


stay awake..

fight the urge..

sleep is overrated..

you must stay awake.

So I did..til 645am where I drifted off to a peaceful sleep for exactly 15 minutes before I was awoken to G standing in the bedroom saying she was in a wreck and she didn't know where she was and what should she do and who should she call and what and hurry and what and hurry...

So I jumped out of bed and threw on clothes which later was not highway approved for every person in SW Ohio going to work but I was there. She ran into the back of another kid going to school. They were both fine. I'm sure it was a case of HUA.. Head up ASS..driving... plus add teenager, plus license for exactly 30 days, plus 1000 other crazy teen drivers, plus dark, plus bottle neck area of the highway anyways..still it was her fault. G then called the insurance which dispatched a wrecker to find out 30 minutes later it would be another 45 minutes.. I then took control and said no we won't be waiting that long and called a local wrecker which was there in 10 minutes.
So she went to school, car went to the hospital for face reconstruction surgery and G and I came home where I took a shower and fell into bed.
Tonight she asked how she is getting to school. I don't she liked my answer of THE BUS!?!. I am waiting for the , this is not fair, why do I have to ride the bus, can't you take me, can I drive your car.. My answer....
I don't care, life is not fair,
cause you wrecked YOuR car and that's the price you pay,
No, we are not taking you, and
NO, it's our cars and NO, you had yours and you wrecked it..
Am I a bitch or what? She needs to get used to the bus again cause in court next week she will loose her license for a while and the bus will be her friend...
And to think.. only 2 more to go... my hair is already gray what else can happen.. ?


TCKK said...

Oh Cathy... don't ask what else can happen. You really don't want to know. lol

I'm glad she wasn't hurt. That's the most important thing. And no, the bus won't hurt her one bit.

Justine said...

Holy crapola, thank goodness she's okay! But geez, 30 days with a license and she's already rear-ending people? Oh yeah, she's so riding the bus.

Justine :o )

SaraG said...

I am glad no one was hurt! The car can be repaired!!
Seems like an awful lot of accidents lately in our area.
Take care and be safe.

RichW said...

I agree with SaraG: As long as it is only sheet metal and plastic, it becomes a lesson from the school of hard knocks. It's unfortunate that she didn't attend our advanced defensive driving program -- she could have experienced the real danger of following too closely, distracted driving, icy roads,red light runners, etc on our high end sim for a lot less than the cost of the insurance deductible and increased premiums she now faces.