Sunday, October 11, 2009

Couldn't wait

I took this picture today downtown and threw some editing to it and it came out like this then with {my new favorite toy} I added the spider and text. I love Halloween. we junked up the house a bit tonight. we have two skulls and some bones in a jar on our kitchen table. I know...I know...real healthy for the kids.. but it's Halloween. It's really not that bad.. maybe I'll take a picture one day..if I could only find the camera. ...

I combined my photos tonight onto one hard drive...guess how many GBs I have taken this year.. just guess. Leave your answer in my comment section.


Justine said...

Gigabytes? Your pictures took up multiple gigabytes? That's insane, but i'm going to guess 6. Totally insane. Can't be.

I love your pic and I love what you added to it!

Justine :o )

Cathy said...

Answer- 2008
49.3 GB 15,458 files, 125 folders

2009- 72.3 so far 22.545 files, 162 folders.

SaraG said...

That's a bunch of GB!!
But at least you are having FUN!!
Take care