Saturday, October 10, 2009

For ME?

G and the little one went to the store the other day and he came back with these lovely roses for me... I was a bit shocked cause I never get flowers and then I hear the little one say.. I made him do it. Wasn't that sweet of her. ...I mean him... she actually probably threw them in the cart and told him to buy them.. I know deep down he wishes he could think like this but he just doesn't. But anywho. They were on the table and I decided to play around with the camera so I took a few 15 or so. Ya know, The once a year flower ya gotta get every angle.
This one I focused and then spun the lens back as I took the pic.. This is my new trick. I have tried it on motocross photos and it turns out neat.. shows some movement, action or whatever ya want to call it.. Oh, I am such the photographer...NOT...

Enjoy !


Justine said...

Ooh, that last one is my favorite! Lucky girl getting flowers, even if the little one did throw them in the cart. Heeheehee

Justine :o )

TCKK said...