Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cincinnati, Ohio

Don't know what these buildings are.. I just loved the reflection of the clouds in the windows.
This is the Bengals stadium... where they never win...well maybe tonight, but I haven't checked the score. This is one of the many bridges that take you over the Ohio River to Kentucky.
This is coming back into town from Kentucky.. It's called the cut in the hill. It does look more impressive in person. You know your home when you come down the hill.

Nothing compared to New York but good on it's own.
The Bengals stadium again before a game.
As we zipped out of town last weekend I took some pics from the car. This is the big city close to where we live. Cincinnati, Ohio.. Have you ever been there? What big city is close to you?


TCKK said...

Those are some really good pics of Cinti Cathy!!!!

Justine said...

Great pictures, Cathy! Nope, I never have been there. The closest large city to me is Jacksonville, but it's not what I'd consider a "large" city.

Justine :o )

Wendy said...

Cool pictures! My parents moved to Cincinnati last year; when we went to visit them all of my kids went, "Ooooooohhhh!" when we came around that curve and saw the city for the first time.