Monday, October 26, 2009

Land Mine

I took little monster to Michaels last night to find some Christmas crafts. I didn't find what I was looking for but we did find this sequin and bead ornament kit. There were 18 styrofoam balls, 4 different colored sequins and beads with pins in this tub. We have all had fun adding a couple here and there to a ball. D even added a few this morning without force and oldest's boyfriend was even checking them out. This is my "land mine"Yeah I know..hideous....We call this the little monster's New Years ball. I have always tried to do fun crafts with the kids but lately life has just taken over so I found this kit and thought we would try it. Will they ever (all 18) get finished,,NO.. Will I find this years from now in the craft room and think to myself what was I thinking..YES.. Did we have fun for a few days.. Dang right we did. And that's all that counts. Right? Right!!!! This kit was only like $4.00 so I didn't go overboard spending a fortune getting the kids to set around the table and spend some time together.

Now, let's see how long it is before I step on a pin and have a few choice words for whoever bought this... Oh, that would be me.. I guess I will just suck it up for togetherness. Thinking of the craft room, maybe I should go down and see what other left over crafts I have waiting to be finished.. Someone come get me if ya haven't heard from me in days.

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TCKK said...

Those are cute! Don't you dare get me started on another craft!!! lol