Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ghetto studio

Okay here is how my day went.. I woke up and D said he was going to a friends down the road to work on a dirt bike track.. yes he lives dirt bikes. So I asked him if he wanted me to make or bring you them dinner... Oh, no mom I will eat before I go.. So later I call him/ NO ANSWER and then text him/ NO ANSWER... So I go out to my smoking lounge and I hear a faint sound of a pit bike off in the distance and I know I'm about to be invaded... invaded is not the word.. First comes E and Mr.C on the pit bike.. they tell me that D is on a bmx bike and others are following.. OTHERS????? In comes Cousin D, Chaz (a new one) and C... So I go into mom mode and think...

come on Cathy think..
what can I throw together for 6 hungry boys that could not even give me a heads up... So I whip out the ole' credit card and order pizza.. All is well, all is happy.. they even left me one piece out of two large.. bless their little puppy dog hearts..

So while they waited for pizza they played XBOX live and pool and then I wrangled them in for a photo shoot. Ya see my SIL signed my up to help one of her friends with senior pictures. So in the last week G and I have set up a make shift ghetto photo studio in the basement. Here the boys are dragging Mr C for his turn. They all took turns and this is what I got out of my D.

A mix between Edward Cullen {Twilight} and Ethan Peck from 10 Things I hate about you.. {my new favorite show} but I don't watch TV so I will have to catch the episodes on the web one fine cold rainy day or night.... I don't really think he looks like either just maybe a face that Edward or Ethan would give.. kind of that 1/4 smile...
The oldest came in and saw this pic and even said he looked like Edward {Robert Pattinson} then she said- that's just creepy (that my brother could look like Edward) oh and then she said his hair looked greasy... I had to explain that his hair was dripping wet cause he decided he was going to strip in the kitchen to his underwear and jump in the freezing pool.. not one of his friends followed... then when I turned on the fans in the ghetto studio he wanted his picture with his hair blowing.. I don't know.. I'm just his mother. Anywho... my first senior picture photo shoot is tomorrow and I don't have the foggiest idea of what I am doing.. wish me luck.

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TCKK said...

That's a really good picture of "D"! Hope all goes well at your photo shoot.