Thursday, October 22, 2009


A few weeks ago we had a break in the rain so G and I took the kids out to a park just to play around for a bit and get out of the dang house. Of course I took "baby" with us and shot about 200 pics. I caught this one flying in the sky and I didn't get hit.. I felt like she was coming right down on my but we made it just fine. I love the swirling clouds and her screaming.. I have been busy with other pics, trying to do some genealogy and I came down with a cough.. I kind of feel like hockey puckey... til later.. toodles


TCKK said...

Great picture Cathy. That would make a good entry in SkyWatch. The clouds look so neat!

Anonymous said...

I like this picture, Cathy. Hope you're feeling better--must be the season, everyone I'm running into is sick! Sue

Justine said...

Holy crapola, that pic is amazing! What did you do? lay on the ground to take it?

Justine :o )