Thursday, December 03, 2009


This year we decided to do our tree in
and neutral colors.

I had all this brown paper bag wrapping paper left over from my Stampin' Up days and thought I would put it to use.

(you can get this at Michaels or any craft store or just use a plain paper bag)

I first stamped fun circle designs in dark brown. I could do Christams designs but there will be enough plants, Santa's, candy canes and reindeer going on I thought the circles would be a bit different.

Then I wrapped my present and added my not so fancy bows to it. This is the ribbon I use.. Walmart special in the Christmas section. I love this stuff.. it's pretty, dainty and easy to work with.. I gave up on stuck on bows and that thick plastic like crap along time ago.. Well okay I still use it once in a while but I prefer this. I do use this little tinsel like stuff and run my scissors across it to make it curl.Here is the end product. Simple..

I also use jute twine... It's cheap and fun for the whole natural feeling.

You could also reuse the fabric ribbon next year if ya wanted..

Do you do anything fun or different to your presents?


Cathy said...

That's really pretty Cathy. Actually, I'm doing good just to get them wrapped at all. lol

Aura said...

That's so funny because I had a ton of this bag paper laying around. I returned all my pretty wrapping paper the other day because I thought I'd wrap it all in brown bag and twine, too! I think a lot of people are starting to enjoy the beauty in the simpler things.

Bonnie said...

I love using my stamps for wrapping paper too. We use the same decorations every year on our tree, homemade and/or gifted ornaments.