Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye single digits..hello 2010

Looking back I had to share some never before seen photos of my life. Before I got my digital camera I took hundreds of photos but they are not saved on the computer and probably never will be.. maybe when I retire in 12 years I will do that.. I should but just don't have time. Anywho.. here is a breif recap of my life from 2000 til the end of 2003.


I remember being semi Y2K ready..

I had 2 liter bottles of water saved in the garage. along with powdered milk and canned goods, batteries, candles and God know what else.

I was at my SIL's when the ball dropped. Everyone yelled..

Happy New Year" and then
they all turned to me to see
if I was still breathing..

and ya know what?

They could actually still see me cause...ya know what..

the lights stayed on...

It's a miracle I say,, A miracle!!!!

All that hype almost gave me a heart attack..

They still kid me about saving water and I'm sure today, tonight or tomorrow one family member will call and ask if I have my water saved...they love me..they truly do..

2001 was uneventful til that terrible day in NYC. 911 was on a Tuesday, by Thursday night we had a plan to pack and take off NYC.. On Oct 1st we did just that along with 6 friends and tons of supplies.. Read about it here.

Here goes the twist.... yes I have to admit it is a twist but Whatever..with a capital WWWW... you wouldn't understand unless ya lived it so no Judging...

(before 2002)A girl that I worked with started dating a fellow married coworker.

I had worked with him for 11 years.

They never got along, she had both of us go with her to a benefit and then named all the guys she had slept with right in front of us..

"this is so and so...I had sex with him"

I actually started marking spots in my cigarette pack

there were so many.

We (him, her and myselft) were 3 of the 6 that went to NYC after 9-11.

I remember walking down the street of Times Squre in front of Elton John looking out the windows of Mtv and she told him to grab my hand as we crossed the street..

I thought that was the oddest thing cause he didn't not belong to me..

I was very uncomfortable.

In the winter of 2002 some issues came up with her children.Him, myself and another from work was trying to work on the problem
(whole nother story)

Well they broke up, he got divorced and well yess, him and I started dating.

There I said it..
I knew it was stupid then and even more stupid now. So we dated for the next few years and you can read that in the next few posts... Anyways. moving on... I have no pictures of 2002 on so I will move on to 2003...

March of 2003 Baxter the bean was born to his mother Lili Mae Hurricane.. We found her during Hurricane Lili so hence the name. It's he a little sweetie...?

July 2003 We (him, myself, D, and his 3 boys went to Disney World for two weeks for baseball tournaments and a long needed vaca...

D and I lived here.. our little duplex that I didn't really love but it worked.. I was actually afraid of the woods behind the place. I started selling Mary Kay in August of 2003 and here are pictures of my spread during a winter open house. The other view of the kitchen with my mom's boobs on the left hand side.. My neice after applying every sample of makeup in the place. She was going for the floozzzy look. Here I am at my SIL's house on New Years Eve.. they were probably telling the Y2K story again.. My little D on Christmas morning 2003.. look how short his hair is.. and the watch.. he wore that watch for years.. he lived night and day with his watch.. also see Baxter's butt on the right side.

For 2004 and on visit me tomorrow for more.