Friday, December 04, 2009

The Bow

My mom is the
number one I mean the #1 bow maker in the land..

I don't know it that's true but I will believe that until over wise proved wrong.
My mom has made my bows for years and not only mine but others too.
My mom will wake up to find a bag of ribbon on her porch from one of the many girls in town that request her bow making ability. She probably makes a 4oo bows a year. So Sunday night she tried to pass down her bow making knowledge to the oldest.
Can I make bows you ask.. well sometimes, do they come out like this..?..?!.ahhhh NO!!!My mom actually didn't make this one.. could she..YES, would she... YES but we bought it and then she fluffed it and added the extra strands. We are putting this on our tree this year.

If I could actually take pictures and explain in simple terms how to make a bow I would.. but I don't think it will come across right SO,,, I will just have to keep her to myself and I will have gorgeous bows.

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Cathy said...

Wow that's beautiful Cathy