Thursday, December 31, 2009

7 hundred what?

The little one came home from school a few days before Christmas break
and said that her little boyfriend
{that she won't talk to but they are "dating"}
got her a Christmas present. ...
okay.. so we ran out and got him a $9.00 box of football cards..
great gift for a 11-12 year old boy, right,
So she takes his to school but comes home and says that he couldn't bring her present to school cause it cost too much.. What.. ?
Then she hears through the grapevine of friends that it cost
$750.00 worth..
So tonight I ask her if she ever got her present and she said yes..
as she was going to get it I told
G that if it's a 700 hundred dollar necklace then in
about 8-9 years
I'm gonna become a cougar..
I then told him I would still keep him around...he just laughed.
She showed it to us and I thought it was going to be a cheapy ole' bubble gum thingy..
Oh hell no.. it's nice.. looks like
white and chocolate diamond dust ...
I then nudged him and said
Defiantly cougar material.....!!!
Just kiddin folks..I'm not gonna take the preteen's boy toy from her
but she needs to hang on to him.. or atleast start talking to him..

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Cathy said...

Really!?! You've got to be kiddin!