Monday, December 21, 2009

Buckeyes O-H I-O

Saturday night the kids had a few friends over for dinner and a Buckeye Party. Couple of the little ones chose to go skating so the other 6 were left to roll peanut butter balls.

As D was in the living room signing Mr. E yelled "get in here, it's a family affair" They all have fun hanging at our house.. They play pool and Xbox in the basement.. They slide down the steps in a slick sleeping bag and they wrestle and watch movies upstairs.. Even though it's a lot of work and they eat us out of house and home I know where they are... They are not out driving around, drinking or getting into trouble. So for the price of chocolate chips, powered sugar and a jar of peanut butter we hosted a fun party and they all learned something. I don't think a couple had ever made Buckeyes and one had never tried Cheese ball so we had a good time. I even had them drink out of wine glasses during dinner and thought that was fun. Cousin D said "you want me to drink root beer out of a wine glass?" I said "sure, why not!!" We made about 10 dozen Buckeyes and chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles.
Is your house the teenage hangout?


Cathy said...

Yummo! Buckeyes!!!

SaraG said...

Oh Yum....I LOVE buckeyes. I guess I don't make them because I know I will eat them all!!
What a great way to keep teenagers entertained!!