Sunday, December 06, 2009

Birthday Bash

Saturday we had a Birthday bash for the little one. Okay here's how it went..

I worked from midnight to 8am

I got up around 1230, took a shower, got the kids something to eat.

I ran to the store to pick up the cake and other munchies.

I came home and set the table with my new dinnerware, dark purple paper plates and gift bags.
Picked up chairs for the parade.

At 5:30 we (G and I along with 7 kids) went to the horse drawn Christmas parade.

Ordered 6 large pizzas.
Got home at 8:15 where Cousin D and 3 girls were already in the drive waiting for us.

The little one had 5 girls, Cousin TyTy and his friend over for a birthday bash sleepover,
D had Mr. E and Cousin D and the oldest had her boyfriend.

Above are the flowers she picked out for the centerpiece of her table.

Below are the paints that they were going to use but never got around to using. I sprinkled BIG glitter on the table to make it sparkle a bit. We had pizza, fruit and cheese tray and cake and ice cream. This cake was to be zebra striped. When I saw it I about died cause that ain't no zebra stripe in my book but she loved it so it was okay and I let it go. If she would have said something I may have said something to the professional cake decorators cause again that AIN't no zebra stripe. Here G and I reflecting on the mess. The oldest was saying how loud and stupid they were being and how they needed to go to the basement cause they were disturbing her.. I had to remind her that just a few years ago her and D had 24 kids over for their party and they all ended up in the kitchen hanging out eating everything they could find. She shut up after that. Above: I didn't get a picture before the table was destroyed. This was before the cake and ice cream.
They did go to the basement where they watched a movie and laughed and screamed til around 1am....

This morning they had donuts, fruit, smoothies and egg and cheese bagels.

Everyone left by 12:15 and we were free.....till next year...


Cathy said...

You always make such nice birthdays! You're a good mama!

Justine said...

Nope, that does not look like zebra stripes, but everything else looked fantastic!

Your G's and D's and all that are so confusing to me! LOL

Justine :o )