Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brandy Snifter for the whole neighborhood

Mom my gave me an early Christmas Gift.
It's a large, VERY LaRGE Brandy Snifter.. We guess it would hold about 3 gallons..
I just love it..
I really can't wait til after Christmas when I can move it around from room to room.
I might put it on my tub and lights some candles for a relaxing bath.
I couldn't wait to get it home..
I stuck some berry garland and a string of lights
in it and placed on the wardrobe in our kitchen.
I also put a MOM MADE bow around the base.
I told mom that I could put it on the coffee table and get long tubing and
we could ALL sit on the couch and drink from it..
It's HUGE!!!!!Here's how huge... I placed a Coke can next to it just to show it's size.
Look at that baby....
Now ...not to break it... Let's see it I have it next year.

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SaraG said...

This is an awesome gift. You can decorate it for each holiday during the year!! I love it!!
Take care