Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Remember last year October 12th when D started out his motocross race like this and ended up like this... and this.. Well I am happy to say the motocross season has come and gone and we did not have a repeat of last year...
Now we move on to arena cross and dance and then back to motocross in March.. I hold my breath everytime he jumps.. even though he is 6ft2in he will always be my baby and I love him to death. Thanks for visiting.
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Anonymous said...

No matter how tall they are, how old they are, they will always be our babys :)
Thanks for sharing the photos

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh wow, what SCARY photos from last year! I'm so glad there was no reoccurance this year. Whew!

Thanks for joining me on my walk today! I'll link ya up!


Justine said...

What did the EMTs think of you snapping pictures of your torn and bloody son all trussed up on a stretcher??? LOL

Justine :o )

TCKK said...

I remember this Cathy. I'm so glad he's ok and had a less traumatic time this year. lol

Annie said...

love the little sepia picture above. It's very vintage mid-century.

Goose Hill Farm said...

WOW! How scary that must have been for you. I'm glad you got through this season without an instant replay!