Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Years ago D went through a skateboarding stage. He had a rail, ramp, shoes, helmet and all the gadgets that go along with skateboarding. Now that he is 15 he has moved on to other adventures but that's okay. As long as he is healthy, having fun, and just being a kid for the few years that he has left as a juvenile.. Here are a few pics I took back in 2007 while he was out skating. These pics were taken with my {what I thought then a big, heavy camera} Fuji camera. I loved that thing and mastered all the buttons and then I moved to the Sony Alpha. I'm in love with my Alpha at the moment but I'm sure it can be replaced with something better but for now I don't know any difference and I am not looking to trade..not just yet.
If I would have known back in 2007 that I needed a really cool shadow photo for a meme I would have turned around and taken this from a different angle but I didn't so I didn't. Anyways, he was probably yelling at me to put the camera down anyways so I was sneaking them in where I could get them.. He hates the camera but always wants to see his pics. He has his own paparazzi... that's me. Just call me D's personal photog.... For more great shadow pics click here.

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