Thursday, November 05, 2009


Okay so this isn't the most interesting photo but it brings back memories for me..
Why you ask.
Well I had been outside trying new settings with Baby
{Sony Alpha 300}The wind was blowing like crazy so I gave up
and headed for the front door
either that or I had to go to the bathroom really bad ...I can't remember.
However I was walking and I stepped on a thorn bush twig and as I jerked I hit the button and
I took this picture. I limped into the front door where I summoned my multi talented GG to help me with my latest injury. As I lay on the foyer floor he dug a thorn out of my foot and I reviewed my pics to find this one. Sorry no picture of the thorn. I was in pain...
So when Cathy at TCKK says I get the neatest angles I can't always take the credit.. Sure there are times I am standing under dirt bike jumps,
laying in the yard with the kids jumping off a wall over me,
standing on ladders and other things,
hanging out the car...and
sticking my camera in places it probably shouldn't be
but sometimes it's as simple as....
stepping on a very painful and let me say large thorn on your front walk.
So tell me do you get your great pics. I need some new tips. Preferably ones that won't harm the photographer {ME} in the process.

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Teri said...

Such a creative way to achieve interesting photos. I have to say that I won't be trying out your method, though. :-)