Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yearly Tradition

Every year we go the horse parade. Every year is different. Sometimes it's so warm it doesn't even fell like Christmas. Other times is so so cold you can't even stand it. Last year we had really bad weather but it wasn't terribly cold.. Although,  since we took 7-8 {whining} kids with us it may have been and I'm just blocking the whole night out in my mind. BUT- What I do remember is it was
so pretty with the falling snow..
 not good for the camera but it was awesome in person. It's was so dark I had to try my flash to get anything little thing to show up but the snowflakes were falling like bombs.
Here are a few pictures and for more jump over to my retired blog As the World Flops and read all about it. This years parade is coming up in a few weeks and the kids are already to go.. it's a yearly tradition.

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Cathy said...

I think we're planning to go this year. Looking forward to it. Hope the weather won't be too bad!