Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Memory Lane- The boys

The boys--

at Lake Cumberland in

2005Cousin D and D.. {look how little they were}

Cousin D, Mr C and D on the tube.

I would prefer this vacation over a cruise any day. We boated,



and the kids and

{some} adults jumped off

the cliffs

into the water.

Now they look like this... mean big ole' boys.. {just kiddin} They are still babies to me and always will be even though they tower over me, drive their own vehicles and talk about {adult}boy things...
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Bonnie said...

Does it really happen that fast? Wow, I will say I can't wait till everyone can wipe their own butt and put on their own clothes in this house.

Cathy said...

Cathy, you need to link up with Scottsville for this so others will see you post. You have the button but it's not linked. She has the code on her post or you can just paste a link. Anyway, those are great pictures of the boys. I can't believe how fast "D" has grown up! He's so cute!

Goose Hill Farm said...

See what happens when we blink? The years pass QUICKLY! GEESH!

What handsome young men they have grown up to be!


E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, time does FLY BY doesn't it?

Your pictures made me LONG for SUMMER!!! =0)

Thanks for joining me on my Walk Down Memory Lane!!