Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Doggy

When D was about 2 years old his dad and I took him to a race track to see the horses. He stood behind our legs screaming "big doggeee!!!...big big doggeeeeee!!!"
So of course on Sunday when we were over at D's friends house
which is also a large horse farm
I had to tell the story again to his now semi adult friends. ..
I know.. I am such a good mommy.
So while we waited for horse riding lessons to end Mr. C and I walked over to this very large horse in a corral by himself. Mr. C gave him some straw or hay or whatever they eat and I took a few pics until.....he smelled Mr. C's hand
and let him touch his nose...
then sneezed, snorted, growled or something at Mr. C and turned his head and took off.
Yeah, nice... doggy.. we moved on to other things around the farm.

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Riet said...

How lovely that is, yes biggggggggg doggy, love that.