Monday, November 16, 2009

Odd Shot Monday- Glaciers..well kind of

Odd Shot Monday
This is first time playing Odd Shot Monday. I don't seem to get "Odd" shots. I get plenty of out of focus shots but there's nothing odd about them.. My problem is I am thinking about another picture before I get the first one done then the 1st turns out blurry. Anyways. Back in 2004 the kids were out playing in the snow at the middle school and I turned around and saw all these crunchy crispy foot prints in the snow. The picture didn't turn out of foot prints but a sea of ice/snow glaciers across the whole school yard where the kids play.
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Janean said...

i like the blue cast on the's lovely!!

Hilda said...

That's a pretty great effect! Since we don't have snow in the Philippines, I'm not at all familiar with how it can look.

Welcome to Odd Shots Monday! Wishing you a great week too.