Monday, November 16, 2009

To Trampoline or to not trampoline

That is the question.....
For years the kids have asked for a trampoline..
For years G has said NO...
He is afraid they are going to get hurt..
Hurt, smurt.. I say..
Of course you don't want your kids hurt but come on. I know there are thousands of accident with trampolines a year..along with bikes, skateboards, pets, school buses, and anything that we or our children come in contact with.. I sure somewhere there is a study saying that blogging or computer is bad for me.. We want to protect our kids but it's not like we are sending them to the moon by themselves.
I look at it this way.
D rides a very heavy, very fast ,
very bone breaking dirtbike
almost every weekend and
flies 20-30 feet in the air..
If he's going to get hurt on a trampoline then there is nothing I can do.
So with Christmas fast approaching we asked what do you want..? Reply was a
G again replies NO..!! No, nO, NO!!!
for the one hundredth million time in the last 4 years.
But Why?

Cause "you" kids will be out there doing stupid stuff .

Like what?

Like dragging it over to the pool!!!!





We will just set it up

"NEXT" to the pool

then we won't have to "DRAG" it.

We just sat there and laughed.. what are parents to do with such smart children.

So let me ask. What is your take on trampolines?

Do you own one?

Have you ever not ran out there and jump yourself? (I would) hee hee...

Do you think we should allow our children to have a trampoline this year..

I know... I know...

they could put their eye out.. lol

{I love that movie}

Love to hear from you and let the Christmas games begin..


Cathy said...

I don't mind my kids being on one, but I don't want to buy them one. Hey, you get it and my kids can come play on it. lol

*Lissa* said...

Anonymous said...

Trampolines are simply the best kids christmas present ever! But get a good quality one with a safety net and long springs for a nice deep bounce - Good trampolines are not cheap so it was a family and relations present! The Kids use it virtually every day - especially when they have friends over and even in winter. We are a little bit biased as we set up a trampoline business selling trampolines online not long afeter we bought ours because we thought we could provide advice and ultimately a wide range- we called the company and are still going strong as customers dump the cheaper trampolines and buy a better quality safer trampoline when they discover just how good they are for getting kids off the computer into the fresh air and exercising!!!

Justine said...

OMG, that was a super smart comeback!!! Yeah, I think I'd get one for them. I mean, now they make them with that protective netting around so they can't accidentally jump off and break their neck that way.
And really, does G not think dirtbiking is dangerous??

Justine :o )

George said...

Good post, some people alway think trampoline are more dangerous than the other toys. Actually, playing on trampoline is much safer, what you need to do is that to follow the safety guidelines that protect your kids from hazards. Don't make your kids lost fun on trampoline just because you think it is dangerous.

George from, Thank you.