Monday, November 23, 2009

Four O'Clock Foto- Moto

Four O'Clock Foto

Do you ever take a {just one} picture of something?
A picture that that is not related to anything else your blogging about?
Well I have tons of pics like that.
So I have decided instead of a picture a day like in those 365 memes I would just post a pic here and there at four O'clock of my random shots that may be something I would like to talk about.. This picture does not have to be perfect.. sometimes I get a pic that is blurry but it still means something to me and has a story behind it.
Sometimes I take random pictures of D's friends dog while out riding dirt bikes.
This is MOTO- he loved my camera..
he followed me around and when I told him to
strike a pose
he stuck his nose in the air and said
"Like this?"
In the top picture we were at the oldest monsters dance preview for parents. A group of cheerleaders sat down in front of us and I thought it would be a great pic of a sea of bows.. It didn't turn out so well and this is what I ended up with. I still wanted to post it but it didn't meet the standards of an awesome pic.. but who cares.
So if you just want to view my photo flops and one hit wonders please do..
if you would like to join me just post a pic,
write about it and leave me a comment for other to come view..

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