Thursday, January 07, 2010

My 2 Year Old

This is Baxter Bean..
my two year old..
really his is going to be 7 in March but he doesn't know that. Everytime I go into the downstairs outhouse
I hear a knock at the door,
then a meow,
the a paw blindly grabbing for anything under the door.
Then he comes in and walks around and sometimes we have Mamaw bathroom time... That's where I hold him like a baby and
he squeals to me and puts his paw on my mouth..
he is a toucher.. always touching.
Tonight I was trying to take a picture of my Carnelian bracelet that I got for Christmas. He jumped up and took it from me..

I put it back on the counter and he snatched it again..little twerp.
I never did get the pic.
I had restrung it to make it a bit bigger and I guess I need to cut the excess elastic string off.

Read the benefits of Carnelian here...right here

I also got a Amber bracelet..but I don't notice it working.. I don't have patience.

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Cathy said...

Good pictures of Baxter and I like what I saw of the bracelet.