Sunday, January 17, 2010

What do you think?

The other night I had to run to the store. I took the back way which is a narrow, dark, river road with a bunch of curves.  As I was driving I saw this..
 I slowed down,
 backed up,
 looked again
 and said NO?!!!

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I drove on in to the store cause I wanted my brain to process what I thought I just saw. I knew I had to be crazy and why no one else noticed this I didn't know. I ran in and out of the store and went back down the road. This time I couldn't see over the side of my car, down the hill. So I turned around and there it was. I went really slow and almost went crossed eyed trying to look. I then turned around. From this angle it did look a bit thin but who could tell. I then turned around and drove past it again. On my last trip back I called G. He said that it couldn't be and to come on home. Well he spread the word to the kids that I was crazy, driving down a dark road and thought I saw this..  By the time I got home the kids were getting ready to go..they wanted to see. I kind of wanted to confirm with other human eyes what I thought I was seeing was really what I was seeing so I threw them in the car and off we went. G followed in his car because he was going on to bowling. He actually stopped and got out to look and really couldn't tell. I on the other hand had moved on up the road to stop and look at these pics.

So what do you think it looks like?
 What could it be?
Was I seeing things?
 As I zoomed in I saw this.{above pic}.Was I looking at a dead body?..dead body of a small teen or older man setting next to a tree? I thought it looked like someone on his right hip with right shoulder against the tree and one or both legs out to his left side. Then when I saw this pic I thought it was a teal wool scarf wrapped around and hanging on his left shoulder. {click on pic to make it bigger}
 Do you see what I see?
The kids sure did, but could it be?
We ran through all the possiblities of what could happen. The little one even said it looked like he hung himself and fell. MOrbiD ...too much CSI. But that's exactly what it looked like. Maybe that's why no one saw him cause he hung for awhile and just now fell. {I know I'm gross but I work for a police dept and ran squad for years.. Nothing surprises me, well to a point}  Or could someone have been walking in the snow,{which he was dressed for} and fainted, died, felt sick and just never got up. Even G said that he would have picked a bigger tree..but you know what. You don't die in the most posed position like seen on die in strange, bad positions. If you plan to die then you could pose but most people don't quite plan IT!!!
 It was getting dark so I told them I would call tomorrow. Sounds harsh but really, if it was, it would still be there . But then on the other hand if it was it would be one less day that their mother, father or family would have to wonder where could they be. So I called the Sheriff's office.. then I knew I would be crazy but would feel better. I knew if I didn't have someone check then I would think about it all night. Now I would have got closer but because of the road there was no where to park.. I couldn't leave the kids in the car, flashers on sitting in the middle of the dark road.. I did assure them that they would not get out of the car nor would they see anything.. and I mean ANYTHING..

By then it was dark and a deputy arrived. I told him it looked like a small person with a Carhartt suit {maybe gray, dk blue} with a scarf.
He flashed his flashlight and looked,
then he walked down the hill to the river/creek and looked.
Then he walked across the creek, and looked.
BY then I was like..OMG maybe it is.. he keeps walking, or he isn't even sure so I don't feel SO bad for calling him out..But if it was I wouldn't have felt bad..this little guy needed to be found.
Then he walked up the hill and looked.
Then he came back across the creek {which he stepped both feet up to his shins in cold water}and said
It WAS a Piece OF METAL...

Yep, I'm crazy.. but I feel so much better.
I'm glas it wasn't for the sake of a person's life and for that I can be a little crazy.. cause how many times do you see something that just isn't right? It's those people that see it and do something are the ones that solve crimes.

So next time you see a dead piece of metal in the woods.. call the may be someone's child..and don't feel stupid. You were there and saw it for a reason and if your wrong then it just makes it a better day for everyone.


Justine said...

OMG, you drove me crazy trying to figure out what the hell I was looking at, enlarging the pics, etc. And it's METAL? For goodness sakes! I thought it was a dead dog!

And why do we have to click "read more" to read the rest?

Justine :o )

Anonymous said...


I would have done the same thing!

Cathy said...

I kinda see what you mean now. Just glad it wasn't a dead body!

Cathy said...

I like your background! Cute