Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Shelf

First I threw a bunch of stuff in our candle basket..
pine cones,
cinnamon sticks
and new springy green candles
but now I'm thinkin....
It's almost time to decorate for
now I'm going back to red, silvers, whites and no pine cones. The other day I got a new 10ft shelf at Ikea.. I love it.
I told the kids that I was looking for a shelf and I set my price limit..
$30.00 maybe $60.00 for a big one..
I found this 10 ft guy for the low price of $29.999999..
right on..
I snagged him up in a heartbeat.
G stopped for one minute so I could get a pic..
I tried to twitter during the process but he was like
"put that damn thing down and hold this" grrrrrr.
That was after I held up the stud finder to him..and it didn't beep...
I would have died if it did..
I think it hurt his feelings a bit.
Well I junked it up with a bunch of stuff I had around..
look how beautifus my new lantern looks.
but again..
it's almost Valentine's time..

See the candle in the middle.. ?
One day it I went to pick it up and it was in 2 pieces..
Of course no one in the house knew what happened.
So G got out his fancy glue gun and fixed it for me...
bless his little puppy dog heart..
then I used craft paint on it and wawwwla...all better..

I have always wanted something like a mantle to decorate and now I have it..
Next week- Valentine decor.. {maybe}


Cathy said...

I really like it a lot Cathy!

Brandy said...

It might be time for Vday but I like the pinecones. It looks purty!