Friday, January 15, 2010

Dinner, Dinnerware and Pasta Bowls

My last post I mentioned that I found these great little salad plates at Krogers for a whopping $.31..that's right.. my type of find.. 31 cents. I had bought 6 big plates and bowls around Christmas for $1.00 each and never put too much thought into the salad plate but when I found these I bought 6.. to see what over things I
found and a new

kid friendly

recipe click on the read more link.

Here are the bowls that go with the new salad plates. They have a white holly design on them but not too Christmas-y. I like them and plan to use them a lot.. !

On the same sale shelf as the white plates were these drink glasses.. also .31. I didn't buy them at that time cause I can't go over board with this dinnerware stuff but I did want them and for only .$31.. why not, but I didn't. The next night G had to run in and he bought 12 glasses and 6 more plates. What I guy..he loves me and I think he likes my new obsession.. He even found his blade scraper so I could take off the sticky tags and then I ran into my finger but..I'M OKAY... So for $20.00 we got 6 big dinner plates, 6 bowls, 12 salad plates and 12 holly glasses for a beautiful Christmas table.

After finding the holly plates I made my way around the


store I ran across these cute little birdhouse plates. {$.50 each}
Now I need to concentrate on table cloth, napkins and place mats...oh and

Flatware..I need some cute matching flatware.

Moving on to another part of the kitchen. A year or so ago I took a picture of the kitchen.
You can view it here at Kitchen I have this old shelf that I have used as a spice rack for years.
I cleaned out all of my

Mason Jars

and put new "stuff" in them. Chocolate chips, lentils, small flower shaped pasta, barley and our new supply of

votive candles

from Ikea.

Last night lying in bed I came up with an idea.. I would make

pasta bread bowls and that's exactly what I did.

I placed pizza crust in several diffent casserole dishes. I should have used 1 big one but I wanted to add onion and pepperoni to one.

I placed cook pasta, spaghetti sauce, cheese, a little garlic and parsley. I threw them in the oven on 350 degrees til golden and presto.. Pasta Bowls

Here is the finished product.

Everyone liked them.. Kid tested and approved.

I then set the table with a few fancy plates and pulled out chocolate covered pretzels and buckeyes.

Since I cooked too much pasta I used the left over to make a pasta salad..also kid approved.

Cooked pasta

Pepperoni, Black Olives

Cucumber, Onions

Parmesan Cheese and Spicy Italian Dressing.

Oopps another view of my pasta.. these dang pics keep moving around.

As I was searching through my crafty stuff I found these basket ruffles.. I don't know if that's what they are called but I'm calling them Basket Ruffles.

I was trying to get a picture of my hair. I had wrapped my scarf around my head trying to keep my hair back and it looked really cute but I couldn't get a pic.. This is what I get when I try to take a pic of myself. Nice double chin..huh?

Baxtet the cat is having cabin fever.. He is driving us crazy cause he wants to go out and roll arond in the sun and well..there is no sun. The temps actually did get up in the 40's today.. heat wave.. And speaking up Baxter...he is being blamed for a terrible smell around our house. Ya see The other night someone (not me, I was sleeping) put a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

box in my trash can at my desk.. I sat the whole trash can on the island when I went to work. The next day I noticed the box was on the floor..hmmmm? Now who can jump ....hmmm? That would be a Baxter...but who is the biggest pig in the house.. Miss Emma Sue. That night Miss Emma Sue threw up all over the oldest one's bed.. That was Tuesday night, tonight Thursday she is still having these terrible KFC gas clouds that plop out when she walks.. Wow, she smells... but she is okay. I figure he knocked it down, she ate it before he could get to it and now she is sick and he is just fine.

For our Pasta Bowl lunch I sat the table with matching dinnerware. It was nothing fancy and that's how most of my tables will be.

I used red paper napkins {50 pack at Ikea for $1.59}cause for a lunch I don't see getting cloth ones dirty.

Large white holly plates

Small blue {salad} snowmen plates- bought at Kohl's years ago at a after Christmas sale

New Dollar Store stemware

You get an idea

See how I set the table in the above pic.. Now see how the monster's moved to "their" spots. G and D set at each end, me and the girls move around.

Below is another shot at my baskets ruffles.

Oh and I almost forgot. We found these cute little lady bug glasses at the Doller Tree. 6/ $1.00 each

And these hefty stemware 6/$.00 each. I really like these.. cheap, heavy and I think there were other colors.. Maybe a coke bottle color.. great for spring and St. Patrick's day. I know I seem to be going over board but this is fun. pretty tables, matching things and the kids love it. I try to get things cheap and double duty.

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Brandy said...

Your table setting is amazing...especially knowing it was for LUNCH! Truthfully we eat off of disposable plates so often my husband thinks it's a special occassion when we use real plates. :)