Sunday, January 03, 2010

Monochrome Monday

Monochrome MondayAs I sat at the kitchen table talking with the

I grabbed my camera and took a few of this big guy..

I love the angle.
For more black and white photos from other folks check this out...

I always take a picture of something then turn the camera up and down to get something different.

Do you like this angle?

Do you have any photography tips

that you would like to share?

Please share?!!!....
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Cathy said...

Cool photo Cathy!

In Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Ha! Nice "snowman" - is he made of wood... or melons? I posted a non-snow snowman the other day on my blog on Dec. 31,, you might enjoy him, too!
Yes, I like the angle, nice shot.

Three Rivers Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

I love the perspective too Cathy