Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goodbye 4'Oclock Foto

For the past month or so I have done this Four O'clock Foto. I always had one or two photos that just didn't go with any other post but they had their own story. So I started posting them{auto post} at 4pm everyday. It was fun but it took up time in the middle of my day that I could post about other things. So I have decided to go slow on the Four O'clock Foto.. If I have a special pic I need to brag about I will add it..but not everyday. So goodbye Four O'clock and on to other things.

Tonight I made two

chicken dinners

with one big pack of chicken and we had a great meal. To see what we had and other ramblings click on the read more link...
Tonight I made

Cowboy Sandwiches and Buffalo Chicken Soup

First I started with a pack of chicken strips or chicken breast. I cut them up into smaller strips and threw them in a skillet to brown.

I added Mrs. Dash, Lemon Pepper and some Marjoram. This is an idea from

Ree the Pioneer Woman

recipes of MM's 2nd favorite sandwich- read about it here on Ree's site.
The kids love this sandwich.
Tonight I used precook bacon and I didn't toast the buns but they were still edible.
The I added some of the cooked chicken to a pot to warming chicken broth and green onions. Usually I saute celery and onions first but ya see. I found my
 bag of celery on the pantry shelf..
That's right, not the in the frig but in the pantry. The oldest monster made vegetable soup the other day while I was sleeping and somehow put it in the pantry.. Right where it belongs, right?
The I added some Velveeta and sour cream and milk (or whipping cream)  and let that cook for a bit.

Next I added the Frank's Buffalo sauce to give it theat Buffaloy kick. The kids love this too. I would usually serve with a side of celery but once again since the celery made it to the pantry and not the frig I could not do that tonight.

So here is our table, kind of set with my winter holly dinnerware
and a bowl of grapes.

I got these cute napkins at


for like $1.29 a 50 pack. They worked well with the white dinnerware. Below is a picture of our MM sandwich. Chicken, cheese, bacon and some mustard, barbq sauce or mayo.. Easy peasy meal that everyone will eat.
Soup, Salad and and Sandwich for the family.

Oh, see the little salad plate.. I had bought the dinner plate and bowl around Christmas at Kroger for $1.00 each. Well last night I ran into Kroger and they had the
small plates marked down to .$31
 ...so I bought six..
G just had to run into town so he was going to stop and get the holly glasses that go with the plates, also .$31.. I'll let ya know what he comes home with.. As I was cooking dinner I asked him to get the plates out. He got into the cabinet and said "where did all of this come from?" My reply..
 "Oh, I don't know, here and there..
but the plates were only $.31 how could I pass that up."

I have to tell ya something else...
If ya haven't already noticed that I am crazy I'm sure you'll think so after I say this.
The other night I was washing my face. I have this patch of dry skin on my cheek and I have tried everthing to flake it off. See my everything here
So I grabbed a new toothbrush and brushed my face.  OH Yes I DID!!!!
I know this may not be good for your skin but come on.. I am no super model nor will I have be on TV or in a trash magazine so who cares. It's better than flakes...Right? Well G got into bed and I told him this and he said
"Honey where in the Hell do come up with stuff, why haven't you invented something by now." Then he said you have some weird things.. " Like, can I have sour cream for my eggs."

So what meals do you make that everyone likes?
What do you use to wash your face?
Do you have any fancy cheap dinner plates you use on fancy chicken night?

Oh G is walking in the door...let me go see what he got me. I will report later..

Toodles, Cathy

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Cathy said...

Girl you crack me up. But your food and your table look really pretty.