Monday, January 11, 2010

Breakfast, Branches and Big Chill

First off let me say I am sorry.. I hate this new editor, I actually said that before and then thought I would give it another try and here we are. I can't seem to get the pictures to stay together and with almost 25 pictures I am going with it.

Here's what's been going on around my chill zone.
Well we have been having a deep freeze. Because I work midnights and slept until 4pm yesterday I was up all night..Yes that's right ALL night. I finally laid down around 1 pm and slept for 2 hours. So in that time I organized things around the house. The only problem is the more quiet I try to be the more noise I make. However since I was up I watched the fog roll in and the trees start to freeze. I hope the neighbor didn't mind me outside at 5am taking pics. I'm sure they didn't even notice.

I wish I could capture the beautiful ice and flakes on the branches. Miss Emma Sue got her hair put in pig tails today. Then got her picture taken. She was wearing her "Bite ME" Gingerbread shirt. She is such a diva..
The girls went outside to play in the snow yesterday. Man was it cold but they were okay.. Layers..ya know. This was the fog rolling in early morning. During breakfast with our fancy tablescape I took a picture of my milk glass..only problem is I didn't take the lens protector {pink can coozy} off and so this is what I got.
After my nap and rearranging my livingroom I sat down in what G calls "Camp Cathy" and took some pics. of my hairy legs and feet. Sexy Huh?
G gave Baxter some Kitty nip.. he was high as a kite rolling around on the floor.
Now on to breakfast. I made a small egg casserole cause I knew no one would eat it.

I added eggs, milk, minced onion, bacon, salt, pepper and parsley.
Threw it in the oven for a while and presto..

Last night as I was looking for some dishes I have stashed I found these blue ones and silver chargers. (seen Below)

I thought it was good.. I loved the onion in it..
Silver chargers. Years ago when D was 6 or 7 we went to Target Christmas shopping. I saw these chargers and said I would like to have them.. not really meaning that I would like to have them but I would.. As we walked around the store D started asking me how he was going to buy me something if I had to take him. My mom usually got me something or took him and then he would give it to me so I wasn't sure what he was getting at. I then told him that one day I could take him and give him some money and he get me something and I wouldn't look. He asked if he could have the money now. Ok.. So I asked the clerk if she could walk to the other isle with him {out of my sight} and help him. So she took him. I followed behind but not too close but wasn't just going to let her walk off with him even though it was my idea. Then they made their way to the cashier. As I was standing there looking but trying not to look another clerk looked at me funny. I then explained that he had money and was buying them for me but he didn't want me to see. She wrapped them with an extra bag so I couldn't see and helped him with the money. I teared up.. I am tearing up now. That was the most precious thing he could have done. He was so scared to hand her the money and didn't really know what to do but they helped and he was so proud when I opened them on Christmas morning and he surprised me. I hung a couple on the walls, but a candle on one and sat the other around the house. He loved it cause he bought them for ME... What a sweetheart. That was one of the best gifts I ever got.. It didn't cost much. They aren't name brand or anything but it was the thought.. His thought..  More pictures of the Big Chill and pretty branches. Once again sorry about the terrible pic positions.. but thanks for visiting and come back any time. ~Cathy

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SaraG said...

Very cool photo's!!
Thanks for sharing.
The new editor takes some getting used to!!
Take care.