Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lost photos from Thanksgiving past..

We always have so may kids for dinner during the weekend.
We throw the silverware on the island .
We dig mismatched plates out of the cabinet or dishwasher and
we serve food for an army.
So around Thanksgiving my parents came down and
I wanted to do something
fancy with the table.
I have a set of china{ see it here } in the china cabinet and
another pattern in a box in the closet
{which we have never ever used}
So my mom and I ran into town and grabbed up a few bargains.
That night I went home and began my
new adventure in tablescapes.
In this pic below I used some green plates and bowls I had in my cabinet
{I don't know what kind of glass this is but I know it's old} I was messing around with different things I had.
I bought these wine glasses at the Odd Lots..
that way if they get broken I won't care..
well I'll care but not as much as the nice ones I have.We found these plates and bowls for a $1.00 each.. I got a 6 place setting.
I love them..
1st cause my mom bought them for me,

2. she understands my obsession with things and
always supports me
3. cause I can use them for Christmas, Valentines and even 4th of July. I also found these cute little ice cube things in red and green
{Christmas, Valentines and St. Patricks Day}this is the kids table sat for Thanksgiving..
I know it's decorated for Christmas but I couldn't wait to try every thing out..
D even said he likes a set table..makes it feel specialI'm still learning the ropes of tablescapes.. we decided to gather what we could this year and then starting next Thanksgiving start with full tables...
I got these cute green martini glasses at the dollar store. Maybe one day I will work towards the expensive stuff but with teens still in the house I'm sure something is going to get broken here and there.Here is a close up of the plates and new cloth napkins.
That's it.. any dishes you'd like to pass along to me.. I will find room. I have already talked to
G about making our {UNUSED} laundry room closet into tablescape storage..
Okay so you are probably asking why I named this post "Lost photos".. I had set to post about my new finds and just never did.. tonight as I was telling a co-worker about my "red" plates I couldn't find the post.. so I jumped on and found them and here they are..
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Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

welcome to tablescaping, you will have such a fun time collecting and doing your tables, I am always so inspired....Right now I am in a stump for an inspiration, I think it is the flu I am getting over, something will come up and inspire me soon,,,I am a follower of yours and I will be back soon...

Cathy said...

Very pretty!