Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More stuff

Wednesday night before the "big" storm I had to run to get milk, bread, cheese and eggs so instead of going to the boring store I ran to Target. Found these little tins for $1.00
and these pink plastic hearts for $2.50. Now how darn cute will they look on
my Valentines table.
I also got this storage thingy for my table clothes. $2.50

Check out Phyllis at Around the House {my new friend, follower and hero} tablescape storage.. I was in awwww...
She also has an awesome collection of fake fruit, veggies, cocktails and a great danish selection.. I want to be like Phyllis when I grow up. Oh and a great big collection of dinnerware and all kinds of things that go with it..


Carletta said...

Don't you just love Target's little $1 section? I was there the other day and saw little valentine 'take out' boxes but no pails.

About the same comment - it's spam. Some people don't have much to do. :) I just delete them.

Justine said...

I love finding cute stuff like that super cheap!

Justine :o )