Friday, January 01, 2010

Place to visit again

New Years Eve
G and I were asked to have New Year's Eve dinner at the Great Wolf Lodge. We had never been there but always thought about visiting. The kids have been there before for parties and sleepovers but we had never stepped foot inside. I actually got this pic when the crowd cleared out. You would not believe how many people were there.. The place was packed.
I love the cabin or lodge feel.
I have always been drawn to snow shoes..
Don't ask me why it's just on of those Cathy things.
I had to turn my flash on for this guy and I still didn't make it up
over the roof of the front desk.
As I was walking in it started to snow.. During dinner it snowed so I
ran out into the lobby for pics.

G was handed the camera to take pics.. this is what he got.
I had to snap a pic of the shrimp.. The friends we went with were discussing
the eating of raw shrimp.. she just couldn't do it.. they were not
deveined.. then she said..
I hate when you bite into them and crunch down on sand..
Is it really sand or is it just poooooop?
Here is showing his
outdoor influence
with a
Then I got our friend.. he loves my camera too.
Then we took a tour of the water park.
I guess it's okay if you were a kid.. not my kind of thing but
I would gladly set at the bar and have a Bloody Mary.

We ate at the buffet and they had all kinds of things. Right behind us was the
Sushi bar.. I took pics of the fish eggs..and other things. I tried to get
G and friends to try some but they weren't having it.
Her is the Sushi chef's creative side.. how cute.
My plate with my California roll..ohhhh yummo
Here are more of the snow.. it was so pretty..
you would not believe how many people gathered.
When I first walked in the door (with Baby) that night so many families were taking photos..
I was asked to take group shots.
The one girl even said.
. oh look you have a fancy camera,
we wanted a family photo so I told my husband to look for someone with a big camera..they will know what they are doing.
Is that what $1000.00 or so camera gets me.. I know what I'm doing.. ?
I think she may have received wrong info..
I then took their pic with their little point and shoot..
(which I am not against..cause I want one I can stick in my bra and take everywhere)
I then asked if they wanted to turn the flash off and they looked at my like I was crazy.
Nevermind.. I don't use flash if I don't have to..
They had all kind of decor to celebrate the new year.
Moving on with our tour-
As I looked in the ballroom I spotted who else.. the family...
Cousin D's mom and dad were there with the other side of the family.. All the family spends 2 or 3 nights there on New Years.. I think we may try this next year..
Yes, the one pointing at me is the one that made fun my water supply.
I sent here a text earlier in the day saying:
Happy New Year. I am proud to report that I have water and supplies stored for y210. I am ready to support your butt when the lights go off..
I then ran up to the dance floor to get a few pics of the were they toasty..

We found Cousin D in the pizza lobby.. watching for girls..
That's it of our tour...
It looked like everyone was having a good time.. I then went to work at midnight to
ring in the new year..


Cathy said...

I've never been there either. Looks pretty cool!

Justine said...

Oh wow, this place looks incredible!!!! I love the blurry shots of you and the guys. Too cute.

Justine :o )